You can use the form below to contact us – but please read our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) guide first as we may have already answered your question there:

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We get hundreds of emails a day, literally, but we are a very small team and the volume can be overwhelming at times. We try to respond to everyone and we aim to answer within two working days but sometimes it can take longer than this, particularly when we have tours underway. We will get there in the end – but we might have to ignore your message if it is something we’ve already answered in the FAQ!

Please make sure you read the FAQ first – half of the emails we get could be answered by just reading that!

If you are sure your question isn’t answered in the FAQ (including tickets that haven’t arrived, requests for refunds or queries about what time a show starts) please use the form below. Please make sure you fill everything in – especially if you are chasing your tickets – and supply us with as much information as possible. The more information you give us the less you’ll have to wait for an answer.

Please don’t send multiple messages on the same topic unless you’re adding some extra information to help us answer it – we’ll not get to your question any faster if you email us the same question and the same info six times – in fact it might end up being filtered out as spam!

We do appreciate your patience!