Fans are now slightly in favour of selling Coutinho

As today’s events unfolded in the Philippe Coutinho transfer saga, 5times took to Twitter to find out what the fans now think. Firstly, we saw FSG issue a statement on the Club’s official website reliterating their stance that the player is not for sale at any price – closely followed by Coutinho himself informing the club by email of his desire to seek pastures new.

In the aftermath of this bombshell our simple poll read: Now Philippe Coutinho has officially told #LFC he wants to leave. Do happens now?

Sell? or Keep?

Almost four thousand Reds took part in the three hour poll and the results are as follows….

Sell – 51%
Keep – 49%

Although, the outcome seems fairly equal, it’s quite safe to say that if this poll was carried out before today – the majority of fans would have voted to Keep Coutinho at Anfield. The actions from his side have obviously disgruntled many Reds, who now believe cashing in on the Brazilian would be the best option.

Furthermore, many fans also gave us their opinions on today’s events, which again were far from one sided – emphasizing the divide and mixed feelings that currently exist amongst the Liverpool support.

On the one hand, Craig Bullock @craigybullock said: “Sell, get the best price and move on. Never keep a player, if he doesn’t want to be there”.

Meanwhile, Phil @RedRedWijn believes the Reds should stand firm and keep hold of the Brazilian playmaker: “If we sell him then ManĂ© will do the same in one or two years. Set an example for once and don’t give in every single time”.

Who knows what will happen now. It’s a difficult one to call – as this rather unsuccessful transfer window for Liverpool continues to drag on and on.