Afc Bournemouth’s biggest competitors

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AFC Bournemouth, known as the Cherries, is an English professional football team with its home base in Bournemouth. AFC Bournemouth played in the English Football League (EFL) Championship, the second tier of English football, as of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021. The other clubs in the Championship at the time, together with regional rivals on the local level, were their main rivals.

In this article, we will find out more about some of their major competitors.

Southampton FC

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The game between Southampton FC and AFC Bournemouth is usually highly expected by supporters of both teams. Since their days playing in English football’s lower divisions, these two sides have had a long-running rivalry. The Premier League has a long history of success for AFC Bournemouth, widely known as the Cherries, whereas Southampton FC, also known as the Saints, has had a more erratic record. There is an atmosphere of anticipation and anxiety whenever they are in one other’s faces.

AFC Bournemouth and Southampton FC’s recent games have been exciting events, with both teams giving it their best on the field. The participants are conscious of the significance of this match and the prestige associated with a victory. Both sides’ fervent supporters are generating an electrifying and fierce atmosphere in the stadium. The rivalry between the two clubs ups the excitement level throughout the game, turning it into an experience for soccer fans.

The rivalry between Southampton FC and AFC Bournemouth has its roots in the local rivalry between Bournemouth and Southampton. Due to these two cities’ close vicinity, there is a natural rivalry between the teams as supporters from both sides compete for regional supremacy. These games are crucial for the pride of the fans as well as the participating teams. The outcome of this game might affect the rivalry between the two fan bases until their next encounter.

Overall, the game between Southampton FC and AFC Bournemouth is always very much awaited and highly competitive. The players are always up for the battle, and the atmosphere is always electrifying whether the game is played at St. Mary’s Stadium or Vitality Stadium. This rivalry ups the excitement level of the game, making it one that football fans must watch.

Portsmouth FC 

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Portsmouth FC and AFC Bournemouth are two football teams in the south of England that have a protracted rivalry. Both teams have a long history together and have played against one another many times. Both fans and experts alike look forwards to and pay close attention to the games between these two clubs. AFC Bournemouth and Portsmouth FC have been rivals since they first played each other in the Southern League in the early 20th century.

Since then, they have taken on off in matches for the Football League, FA Cup, and Checkatrade Trophy, among other competitions. Both sets of fans passionately support their own clubs during these games, creating an electrifying environment. Both AFC Bournemouth and Portsmouth FC have competed in the top division of English football and have enjoyed a good amount of success throughout the years. After joining the Premier League in 2015, Bournemouth played in the top division for five seasons before being demoted in 2020. On the other side, Portsmouth enjoyed success in the early 2000s and was admitted to the Premier League in 2003.

However, they began to deteriorate due to financial issues, and the team was repeatedly demoted. These two clubs’ rivalry is still heated today despite their ups and downs as they continue to compete for local bragging rights. The games between AFC Bournemouth and Portsmouth FC are consistently thrilling events that never let the spectators down. Football fans enjoy watching the emotion and intensity displayed during matches, whether they are league or cup contests.

Reading FC

The regular meetings between AFC Bournemouth and Reading FC over the years are what first sparked their rivalry. Both sides have competed against one another in different divisions of the English football league system. Fans on both sides have been drawn by these heated rivalries’ frequent production of intense and spectacular games. The Cherries, often known as AFC Bournemouth, have a sizable fan base and a lengthy history. In recent years, they have seen success, spending several seasons in the Premier League. On the other hand, Reading FC, better known as the Royals, has its own passionate following and a history of success.

The dedication and passion demonstrated by both teams and their supporters throughout these games are palpable since there is so much on the line. The rivalry permeates everyone involved’s brains and extends beyond the playing field. As the teams compete for supremacy, pride and bragging rights are at stake. The two clubs’ proximity increases the familiarity and fervour of their meetings. The matchup between AFC Bournemouth and Reading FC is more than just a contest between the two highly competitive clubs.

These games have incredible crowd energy, which the spectators feed with their screams and songs. Adrenaline and an unbreakable desire to win for their respective teams drive the players on the field. This rivalry will only intensify as AFC Bournemouth and Reading FC continue to square off in upcoming seasons, leaving fans eagerly anticipating each matchup between these two dangerous opponents.

Swindon Town FC 

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AFC Bournemouth and Swindon Town FC have a long-standing and intense rivalry. These two teams have a history of engaging in thrilling battles that have enthralled spectators for decades. Both teams had been competing in lower categories at the beginning of the 20th century, which is when the rivalry first began. The stakes increased and tension grew stronger as they were promoted and often competed against one another.

Due to their intense attachment to their own clubs, both groups of fans are fervently motivated by their rivalry. These two teams’ games are always eagerly anticipated and generate sizable audiences, which energises the stadium. The athletes on the field feel the pressure of this rivalry and give it their all to help their team win. This rivalry has produced numerous notable events over its history, with each team winning in turn. The matches’ competitive character ensures that there is always a component of uncertainty, which heightens the thrill.

Fans engage in friendly competition off the field as well, so the rivalry is not limited to the playing field. The fierce rivalry between AFC Bournemouth and Swindon Town FC is what draws spectators into these games and keeps them riveted. Whether it is a home or away game, both clubs’ fans turn out in force, providing an unrivalled atmosphere. The rivalry between AFC Bournemouth and Swindon Town FC is one that is still alive and growing, sparking the fervour and enthusiasm of football fans everywhere.

Bristol City FC 

There has been competition between AFC Bournemouth and Bristol City FC for many years. The rivalry between these two clubs has a long history of being fierce, both on and off the field. Due to their shared location in the south-west of England, the Cherries and Robins have a long-standing rivalry. Matches between these two teams have been hotly contested over the years, with both teams eager to establish bragging rights. Since the clubs frequently found themselves competing against one other in the same league, the rivalry’s intensity has only intensified with time.

This has produced some extraordinary interactions and exciting times. The rivalry between Bristol City FC and AFC Bournemouth extends beyond the players on the pitch and includes the supporters as well. Every time these sides compete, the fans of both clubs are fervent and outspoken, generating an energetic atmosphere. Large crowds frequently attend the matches between the Cherries and the Robins, enthusiastically supporting their respective clubs. This intense rivalry takes on a new dimension because to the friendly banter and shouts that fans share.

The competition between the two clubs have occasionally occurred off the field. With charges of stealing key players from one team to another, transfer negotiations and management decisions have occasionally led to conflict. The rivalry between Bristol City FC and AFC Bournemouth has only gotten hotter as a result of these instances. Generally speaking, the rivalry between AFC Bournemouth and Bristol City FC is one that is firmly grounded in location, competitiveness, and history. Football fans find it to be a riveting spectacle since it includes both on-field fights and off-field disputes..  

Crystal Palace FC 

AFC Bournemouth and Crystal Palace FC have been at odds for many years. On the football field, there has been a heated rivalry between these two teams, each competing for the win and the right to claim victory. When both clubs were playing in English football’s lower divisions in the 1990s, the rivalry was at its height. Both teams gave their everything to achieve victory in the highly competitive games between Bournemouth and Palace. After both clubs were promoted to the Premier League, the rivalry got worse.

The games become even more intense since they could now compete against one another in English football’s top division. Over the years, these matches have provided fans with exciting and nerve-wracking moments, with both teams producing thrilling displays of skill and determination. The rivalry has also been fueled by the geographical proximity of the two clubs. Bournemouth and Crystal Palace are located less than 100 miles apart, making it easy for fans from both sides to travel and attend the matches.

This has increased the energy and excitement at the games, heightening the rivalry even more. Although both teams have seen ups and downs lately, Bournemouth and Crystal Palace still have a strong rivalry. Fans eagerly anticipate these teams’ games because they always deliver a level of competition and excitement that is unmatched by any other match. AFC Bournemouth and Crystal Palace FC’s rivalry is a true example of the fervour and commitment of football supporters.

Brighton & Hove Albion FC

Football’s rivalry between AFC Bournemouth and Brighton & Hove Albion FC is a recent development. Despite the fact that both teams have a long history together, they only recently began regularly playing against one another. Their shared experiences of moving up the leagues and landing in the Premier League can be linked to this rivalry. Both teams have transformed dramatically, rising from lower-league teams to top-flight challengers.

They now directly compete with one another as a result of their success, creating an exciting rivalry for both players and spectators. Both teams give it their hardest to win the games between AFC Bournemouth and Brighton & Hove Albion FC, which are usually eagerly anticipated. The fans from both teams contribute to the fierce and passionate atmosphere that permeates these games. On the field, the competition is strong, and neither team is eager to concede. The rivalry has grown as a result of this tenacity and intensity, becoming one of the most thrilling in the lower half of the Premier League standings.

Despite their rivalry, the two clubs still respect one another. They are aware of one another’s successes and the difficulties they have conquered. The rivalry, which is still relatively new but is gradually intensifying, is motivated by a shared desire to exceed the other. The rivalry between AFC Bournemouth and Brighton & Hove Albion FC is expected to intensify in the years to come as both teams continue to advance and stake out their positions in the Premier League.


Over the years, AFC Bournemouth has competed against a variety of tough opponents as a professional football team. The rivalry between Southampton FC is notable for being a fierce and eagerly anticipated match that draws the enthusiasm and fervour of supporters on both sides. In addition to Southampton, AFC Bournemouth has engaged in notable brawls with other teams in the English Football League (EFL) Championship. Rivalries between the Cherries and teams like Derby County, Nottingham Forest, and Leeds United have increased the intensity of the games.

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