Blackpool’s Biggest Competitors

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You are well aware of how important rivalries are to the game as a supporter of Blackpool Football Club. Every game against their biggest opponents is an opportunity for the team to perform well and establish their worth. We’ll examine some of Blackpool’s main competitors in this piece, from the close-by Preston North End, Burnley, and Bolton Wanderers to the farther-off Wigan Athletic and Fleetwood Town. We’ll also discuss some of Blackpool’s other illustrious rivalries.

Grab a beer and get ready to hear about some of English football’s biggest rivalries if you’re a fan of the Seasiders.

Preston North End

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Blackpool’s fierce rival Preston North End always sparks intense feelings when they face off against one another. Both teams are headquartered in Lancashire, England, and have a lengthy history. The two teams have a fierce rivalry as a result, especially when they play one another. Since 1887, the teams have competed against one another, and there have been many noteworthy games.

2019 saw the most recent contest between the two teams, which Preston North End won 4-2. The atmosphere is always electrifying as fans of both clubs eagerly anticipate watching their teams face off. Many of the players take this rivalry very seriously, and not just the fans. It’s a fierce competition that will undoubtedly last for years.


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The closest town to Blackpool, Burnley, is well-known for its fervent football supporters and fierce rivalry with its neighbours. Blackpool’s fiercest opponent, Burnley, is only 12 miles apart, and the two teams have a long history of rivalry. The two teams have competed against one another in a variety of tournaments, including the League Cup and the Lancashire Cup. Fans of both clubs have been known to compete passionately for bragging rights, fueling the rivalry between the two sides.

The fact that the two teams play in the same tier in the Football League serves to further emphasize their rivalry. As a result, they must compete twice during the course of the season for the same points, which makes the games between the two teams exciting. It also helps that both teams have devoted fans and a long history of hostility only serves to fuel their rivalry. It should come as no surprise that the mood at these games is always fervent. Fans of both sides can always expect on a thrilling game, regardless of the outcome.

Bolton Wanderers

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Bolton Wanderers, Blackpool’s other significant adversary, may be familiar to you. The squad is headquartered in Bolton, Greater Manchester, and was established in 1874. The Trotters, after a street vendor from the 19th century, is their moniker. Over the years, Wanderers has seen some success, taking home the FA Cup four times and the Football League Cup twice.

They haven’t fared as well lately, and since 2000, they’ve suffered two Premier League relegations.  Despite this, they have had a protracted and intense rivalry with Blackpool, with both teams aggressively vying for local bragging rights. The proximity of the teams and the fact that both have experienced success in the past have fueled this rivalry in recent years. For many years to come, it should be a thrilling and intense rivalry.

Wigan Athletic

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A significant opponent of Bolton Wanderers is Wigan Athletic, which was formed in 1932 and is situated in Wigan, Greater Manchester, only 20 miles away. They are a fiercely competitive group known as the Latics. They are renowned for having a dedicated following and a heated rivalry with Blackpool that goes all the way back to the early 1930s. Wigan has enjoyed considerable success recently. They were promoted to the Premier League in 2005 and have won the FA Cup and League Cup.

Even though they put forth outstanding efforts in the Premier League, the club was demoted in 2013. Now back in the Championship, Wigan has subsequently recovered. Over the years, the two teams have engaged in some memorable matches, with Wigan winning some and Blackpool winning others. Every time these two teams play, it’s a fiercely contested game that is entertaining to watch!

Fleetwood Town

Another significant opponent of the team is Fleetwood Town, which is barely 10 miles away from Bolton Wanderers in Lancashire. Since 2012, Blackpool has faced competition from a League One team. The Cod Army narrowly prevailed 3-2 in overtime in the first meeting between the two teams in the Football League Trophy. The two teams have played one other numerous timing since, with each club winning on different occasions.

Since joining the Football League, Fleetwood Town has had some success, making the playoffs in both 2015 and 2016. Due to the fact that both teams are vying for the same fan base in the Lancashire region, this success has only heightened the animosity between the two clubs. Blackpool has been inspired by Fleetwood Town’s ascent to compete with Fleetwood Town in their respective leagues.

Other notable rivalries involving Blackpool

Blackpool FC and competing teams have a lengthy and colourful history. With local team Tranmere Rovers, they have one of their fiercest rivalries, with both teams vying ferociously for local bragging rights. Both Blackpool and Sheffield Wednesday are involved in a fierce rivalry that dates back many years. These two rivalries are ones that no Blackpool supporter should ever forget.

Tranmere Rovers

The cries of Tranmere Rovers supporters can be heard echoing through Birkenhead’s streets, serving as a constant reminder of their ferocious rivalry with their Merseyside neighbours. The fans of the two teams share this rivalry and fiercely compete for the honour of representing their hometown. Since the 19th century, the two sides have faced off against one another, with Tranmere winning more frequently recently.

Over 100 league and cup match between the two teams have taken place, with Tranmere triumphing in more than half of them. The rivalry is also fierce in terms of fan culture, with both teams competing to have the best fan bases. These confrontations are nonetheless immensely passionate and emotional, despite the fact that they don’t frequently get as heated as those between Blackpool and their other opponents.

Sheffield Wednesday

Tranmere Rovers and Sheffield Wednesday have been competitors for a very long time, and their matches have come to define Merseyside football. Over the years, there have been countless matches between the two clubs, with Sheffield Wednesday typically winning. Of the two teams, the Owls have had more success, winning the FA Cup twice, in 1935 and 1990. Many Merseyside football fans have been anxiously awaiting the upcoming matchup because of the intense rivalry between the two teams throughout the years.

Sheffield Wednesday and Leeds United, a fellow Yorkshire team, also have a heated rivalry and have frequently faced off for the same prize. Both teams have devoted supporters, and the energy at their games is frequently electric. In the future, Sheffield Wednesday will still be a force to be reckoned with because of their long and illustrious history of playing in the top division of English football.


You’ve probably heard of some of the biggest football rivalries, and Blackpool is no different. The competition is severe, with teams like Bolton Wanderers and Wigan Athletic competing against local rivals Preston North End and Burnley. Fleetwood Town should not be overlooked either; they are a force to be reckoned with! Each game is an intriguing event thanks to the special rivalry that each of these teams brings to the table. Therefore, Blackpool and its main competitors are your best bet if you’re seeking for top-notch football action with a competitive edge.

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