Bolton Wanderers’ Biggest Competitors

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Welcome to the world of Bolton Wanderers’ fiercest rivalries! Bolton Wanderers and other teams in English football have a lengthy history and some of the most fiercely heated rivalries. Including those with Burnley, Preston North End, Wigan Athletic, Blackburn Rovers, and Manchester United, we’ll look at their most intense rivalries in this article. We’ll also talk about some of the other major disputes Bolton Wanderers have encountered.

Let’s talk about the key rivalries between Bolton Wanderers now, if you’re ready.

Manchester United

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For decades, there has been a real conflict between Manchester United and their neighbouring team. Bolton Wanderers and Manchester United have a long-standing rivalry because of their shared closeness to each other and shared history of vying for the same titles. The rivalry is particularly noticeable in the Premier League, where the two sides have faced off in heated games and battled for the same positions on the standings.

Both teams’ followers have grown to have a fierce and intense rivalry, and they constantly gush about how much better their team is. This rivalry between the two clubs has developed into a tradition, and it is frequently discussed by fans. Given the close closeness of the two teams, it seems probable that their rivalry will last for many more years.

Wigan Athletic

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Another local team, Wigan Athletic, has also played a significant role in the matchup between Manchester United and Bolton Wanderers. The rivalry between Wigan Athletic and Manchester United has a reputation for being even fiercer than the one already presents between the two teams. Since their initial encounter in 2009, the two teams have played each other frequently, and the matches are frequently tense and extremely exciting. Each club has earned its fair share of victories in the evenly contested games.

This has created a fierce sense of rivalry between the teams and respect between the two sets of fans. Due to both sides’ desire to be promoted to the Premier League, the rivalry has grown even more heated in recent years. Because one club wants to have an advantage over the other, this has made every game between the two teams more crucial. The competition between the two teams is evidence that there are significant stakes involved.

Preston North End

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Bolton Wanderers have long-standing rivalry with Preston North End. The two teams frequently face off in the League’s top rank. Due to the fact that both teams are based in Lancashire, their games are incredibly emotional. The FA Cup has seen a lot of competition between these two teams over the years. They have each taken home the trophy four times in total. Bolton Wanderers are the current champions after winning the trophy in 2017, while Preston North End have won the cup twice.

Since their first encounter in 1893, the two teams have played each other in more than 50 games. With four straight victories, Bolton Wanderers has had the upper hand lately. Among them was a notable 3-1 triumph against Deepdale in 2017. Each time these two teams compete, it will be an interesting game because of the great rivalry between them. Fans can anticipate some exciting games in the future as both teams compete to be at the top of the League.


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You can’t ignore Burnley in the rivalry between Preston North End and Bolton Wanderers since they are another Lancashire team. It has been a source of ferocious competition for almost a century. The rivalry between the Clarets and the Whites is just as fierce, if not more so than the one between Bolton and the Lillywhites. Over the years, the two teams have faced off in thrilling games, with fervent supporters creating a memorable atmosphere.

The East Lancashire derby is frequently played between the two teams, and each side is adamant about winning. Bolton has had its fair share of success in the past, even though the Clarets have recently had the advantage. The matches will undoubtedly be fiercely contested because there are two clubs competing in the Championship.

Other notable rivalries involving Bolton Wanderers

Bolton Wanderers and Burnley share a passionate rivalry, but they also have notable rivalries with Bury and Oldham Athletic. When they play each other, the stadium is tense, and the supporters of each team are always present in large numbers. Due to the lengthy history of savage rivalry between the two teams, every game is captivating.


You may be familiar with Bury, a seasoned foe of Bolton who is always up for a good fight. Since the early 1900s, there have been some tense matches in this rivalry. Both teams have won the English second tier league; Bury has done it four times, while Bolton has done so five times. The two teams faced battle in the semifinals of the Championship playoff in the 2007–2008 season, with Bolton winning. The teams have faced off a few times recently, with Bolton typically coming out on top.

The Bolton supporters enjoy the Bury matches because they are always exciting and passionate. It’s understandable why fans fill the stadium for every game between these two clubs. Despite their fierce competition, the two squads respect one another.

Oldham Athletic

Bolton and Oldham Athletic have a fierce rivalry that is just as competitive as any other local derby, with both teams constantly looking for an advantage. When Bolton and Oldham Athletic first competed against one another in an FA Cup game in the late 1800s, the two teams developed a fierce rivalry. Since then, various matches between the two clubs have taken place, including ones in the Football League, League Cup, and FA Cup.

The two teams have engaged in some memorable matches, with Bolton typically coming out on top. However, Oldham Athletic supporters will cite their team’s victories in 1969 and 1970 as proof of their dominance. Bolton and Oldham Athletic’s most recent match, a 1-1 draw, was an intriguing contest that demonstrated the continued viability of their rivalry.


You’ve learned about the most intense rivalry Bolton Wanderers has encountered over the years. From Blackburn Rovers and Manchester United’s near vicinity to the intense matches with Wigan Athletic, Preston North End, and Burnley. There have been many more rivalries as well, but these five have stood out as being particularly heated and memorable. Bolton Wanderers supporters are always up for the challenge, so when they face off against their opponents on the field, it’s likely to be a fiery confrontation.

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