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Are you willing to engage in the ferocious rivalries that Burnley Football Club has developed over the years? Burnley has never shied away from a challenge, whether it is a fight with a top-flight powerhouse or a tense match with a local rival. We will examine the club’s most intense rivalries in this piece, when feelings are intense and tensions are strong. The strong rivalry with Blackburn Rovers, which dates back decades and has generated some spectacular events, comes in first on the list.

The next match is Preston North End, a heated neighbourhood rivalry that always promises a ferocious atmosphere. Not to mention the always-high-stakes matches against Manchester City, Leeds United, and Manchester United. But things don’t stop there! We will also discuss some other significant rivalries that Burnley has encountered over the course of their illustrious history.

So, fasten your seatbelts and get ready to learn about the rivalries that have shaped Burnley’s football career.

Blackburn Rovers

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The meeting between Burnley and Blackburn Rovers is more than simply a game; it symbolises a century-long conflict between the two towns, fueled by ferocious rivalry and long-standing hostility. During this rivalry, you can feel the tension in the air as soon as you enter the stadium. As fervent supporters of their own teams, fans from both sides create an exciting atmosphere.

The athletes on the field are aware of the importance of this game. They put everything on the line and give it their all. Burnley and Blackburn Rovers’ enmity is embedded in the traditions of both communities. Football isn’t the only thing at stake; ego, bragging rights, and the urge to triumph are as well. This match is evidence of the fervour and vigour that characterise football rivalries.

Preston North End

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Supporting your team while they play Preston North End is always exciting. One of the longest rivalries in English football is that between Burnley and Preston North End, which stretches back to the late 19th century. These two Lancashire teams engage in a strong rivalry known as the “Cotton Mills Derby” that enthuses the fans. There is a lot of activity and tension during the games between Burnley and Preston North End.

Both teams’ fans generate a fervent atmosphere by yelling and singing in favour of their squads. The game between two storied rivals is sure to be exciting, whether you’re watching it at Turf Moor or Deepdale. Every match between Burnley and Preston North End is a must-watch event because bragging rights are always on the line.

Manchester City

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You must support Manchester City if you want to see the best football played. Burnley and Manchester City have a fierce rivalry that always makes for an intriguing game. The rivalry between the two teams is intense because they have a long history of competing against one another. You can anticipate an exciting exhibition of talent and tenacity when these two teams face off on the field.

Manchester City are a strong force to be reckoned with because of their offensive skill and capacity to control possession. Their all-star squad, featuring players like Raheem Sterling and Kevin De Bruyne, guarantees that every game will be exciting. Therefore, watch the games between Burnley and Manchester City if you’re a football fan seeking an exciting rivalry.

Leeds United

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Get ready to join the loud throng supporting Leeds United and experience the exciting ambience at Elland Road. The game against Leeds United is always eagerly anticipated because they are Burnley’s main adversary. A thrilling excitement permeates the arena as a result of the intense rivalry between these two teams.

You will be welcomed by the loud cries and screams of fervent Leeds fans the instant you go inside. As the players enter the field, excitement builds, and with each pass, tackle, and goal, the intensity increases even more. You’ll be gripped by the game’s excitement and on the verge of passing out. This game against Burnley promises to be a fantastic event, regardless of whether you’re a dedicated Leeds fan or just a football enthusiast.

Manchester United

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The sea of red jerseys and the noise of the fans surround you as you enter Old Trafford, creating an environment that can only be described as exhilarating. One of the most heated rivalries in English football is that which exists between Burnley and Manchester United. Both clubs have experienced their fair share of successes during the decades that they have been engaged in this on-field conflict.

The games between these two teams are always keenly anticipated by the supporters of both sides. The rivalry between Burnley and Manchester United is made even more intense by their shared history, as both teams have a distinguished background. The games between these two teams are always intensely competitive, and the ambience is always electrifying, whether they are played at Turf Moor or Old Trafford.

Other notable rivalries involving Burnley

There are two further significant rivalries involving Burnley that need mention. First off, there is the rivalry with Liverpool, which has been stoked over the years by close games and fierce competition. Finally, there is the rivalry with Bolton Wanderers, which is a result of the close vicinity of the two teams and their track record of physical altercations on the field. These rivalries have increased the atmosphere of Burnley’s games, making them must-see events for both supporters and outsiders.


Imagine yourselves seeing the passionate rivalry between Burnley and Liverpool play out in front of you as you stand in the thick of a raucous crowd at Turf Moor. Passion, anxiety, and a tremendous desire to win are all present in the match between these two storied clubs. The first time Burnley and Liverpool met was in 1894, beginning a long-standing rivalry between the two teams.

Each game between these two clubs is a struggle for dominance, with both sides putting everything they have into getting the victory. The audience is chanting and supporting their team with fervour, creating an exciting atmosphere. The players demonstrate their abilities and tenacity by giving it their all on the field. If you’re a football lover, you won’t want to miss this show.

Bolton Wanderers

Let’s now turn our attention to another intense rivalry between Burnley and Bolton Wanderers. Tensions are constantly high on the field during this matchup. With Burnley being only 23 miles away, Bolton Wanderers and the Clarets have a long history of fierce rivalries. As they battle it out for bragging rights and local pride, these matches bring out the best in both teams.

Fans from both teams are awaiting these games with a passion and intensity that is palpable from the stands. The rivalry between Burnley and Bolton Wanderers is more than just a football match; it symbolises the conflict between two avowedly superior towns. Consequently, anticipate a fascinating matchup anytime these two squads square off.


As a Burnley supporter, you have a long history of rivalries that have shaped your team. These rivalries have brought out the best in your club, from the feisty matches against Blackburn Rovers and Preston North End to the intense matches against Manchester City, Leeds United, and Manchester United. Although Burnley has other noteworthy rivalries, these five stand out as the biggest and most important. Accept the fervour and thrills that come with these rivalries and continue to proudly support your club.

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