Cardiff City’s Biggest Competitors

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Welcome to the biggest rivalries at Cardiff City! Cardiff City is a fantastic football team with a rich and honourable history that is headquartered in Wales. Therefore, it is not surprising that they have many competitors. In this post, we’ll examine some of the other major rivalries in addition to their top five conflicts. You’ll discover the background of each rivalry, the teams involved, and why Cardiff City values them so highly.

Prepare to explore Cardiff City’s fiercest rivals as we uncover their significance to the team and its supporters.

Swansea City

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Swansea City is Cardiff City’s biggest competitor, as much as you hate to admit it! Since the two clubs’ initial meeting in 1910, this Welsh derby has been a hotly contested affair. One of the most heated rivalries in all of British football is known as the South Wales derby. The fans are renowned to be some of the most enthusiastic in the world, and every match between the two teams is infused with emotion and passion.

The rivalry between the two teams is evident, and the games are always spectacular to watch. Every time Cardiff and Swansea square off, it’s a contest for regional honour and bragging rights. Both sides always look forwards to this game, and the energy is high.

Bristol City

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Cardiff and Bristol have been bitter rivals for years due to long-standing tensions. Their rivalry extends back to the first game played on the field between the two teams in the early 1900s. Since then, there have been a number of competitive games between the two clubs, with Bristol City frequently winning. This has only fueled their conflict, with fans of the opposing sides trading insults.

The Severnside Derby, which has been played every year since the middle of the 1950s, is the most well-known manifestation of this rivalry. Both sides typically come out strong in this match, and the spectators add to the energy. The fact that this rivalry is one of the fiercest in the league ensures that spectators will never know what to expect.

Leeds United

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Since the early 20th century, Leeds United and Bristol City have been engaged in a heated rivalry. The rivalry between Cardiff City and Leeds United, on the other hand, has been progressively intensifying since the mid-1970s. Even though the two teams have only played each other a few times, the games have been very competitive. The most recent encounter between the two teams took place in an exciting game in which Leeds United defeated Cardiff City 3-2 in August 2018.

The fact that the two teams play in the same division and have previously squared off against one another more than once has served to inflame their rivalry. The rivalry between the two teams has grown more intense as a result of their competitive past, and it seems destined to do so going forwards.

Bristol Rovers

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Due to their long and illustrious history of competition, Bristol Rovers and Leeds United enjoy one of the most intense rivalries in English football. However, they still have a passionate rivalry with Cardiff City. The two teams have competed against one another countless times in league and cup competitions beginning in 1912. The two teams frequently bring out the best in each other, creating entertaining contests, which is a typical illustration of East vs. West. The rivalry has been more heated recently as both sides compete for prestige.

Cardiff City had the advantage lately after winning the last three games. Bristol Rovers’ last victory in the series came back in 2014, and they have lost all five of their games against Cardiff City. Fans of both teams are anxious to see their team triumph, thus this rivalry is expected to continue to deliver thrilling games in the years to come. The rivalry between the two teams is so fierce that the games are always fiercely contested and filled with passion.

Newport County

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Without a doubt, Newport County and Cardiff City are in fierce competition with one another, and they have been doing battle for years. The two teams were both members of the Southern Football League in the early 1900s, which is when this rivalry first began. When both teams were elevated to the Football League Division Three in 1920, the rivalry became even more intense. Since then, supporters have been eagerly awaiting the games between the two clubs. Newport County has been on the verge of defeating Cardiff City several times in recent years, including a thrilling 4-3 triumph in 2017.

The competition between the two parties has only grown more heated as a result of this. Both sets of supporters have become involved in the physical altercations that have spilt over from the field to the stands. There are no indications that the conflict between Newport County and Cardiff City will abate. Both teams are adamant about demonstrating their dominance over the opposition and vying for bragging rights. These games are must-watch events for both sets of fans because they are consistently dramatic and exciting.

Other notable rivalries involving Cardiff City

Cardiff City has a long history of significant rivals. With Wolverhampton Wanderers and Nottingham Forest are two of the most memorable. Both teams have a lengthy history of competition dating back to the early 1900s, which contributes to the intense rivalry with Wolverhampton Wanderers. Cardiff City fans frequently refer to Nottingham Forest as “the enemy” due to their intense rivalry with them. Over the years, these rivalries have produced some thrilling matches that have become an essential part of the club’s history.

Wolverhampton Wanderers

For many years, Wolves and Cardiff have been bitter opponents, competing for control of the Championship. Both teams frequently draw enormous crowds to their games, which can be contentious affairs. Since the two teams are both in the Championship, they are frequently competing for a spot in the Premier League, which intensifies their rivalry. In previous encounters between Cardiff and Wolves, Cardiff has prevailed more frequently than not

Cardiff’s biggest triumph came in 2006, when they won 5-0. Wolves, though, has had more recent success, taking home the Championship in 2017–18 and earning promotion to the Premier League. Despite their recent victories, Wolves and Cardiff still have a great rivalry that will undoubtedly endure in the future.

Nottingham Forest

Nottingham Forest is Cardiff City’s next biggest opponent. Both teams are from the English Championship, hence there has been a protracted and heated rivalry between them. There have been 46 meetings between the two teams, with Nottingham Forest holding an advantage with 18 victories to Cardiff City’s 15. The most recent encounter between the two teams concluded in a tie in April 2019. Compared to Cardiff City’s lone FA Cup victory in 1927, Nottingham Forest has won the competition twice.

The Football League Cup has also been won by both teams, albeit Nottingham Forest has done so more frequently. These two teams have one of the Championship’s fiercest rivalries, and every time they face off, both teams give it their best. When the two sides clash, it’s always a thrilling and passionate affair, and each time the two teams play, it will be a compelling matchup.


Swansea City must be brought up while discussing the competition between Cardiff City and Swansea. There has been a long-standing rivalry between the two teams, and their games are always intense. Cardiff City has long-standing rivalries with Bristol City, Leeds United, and Bristol Rovers. Newport County’s rivalry has just recently developed, but it’s already tense. Whatever team Cardiff City plays, the game will undoubtedly be lively and entertaining. So be sure to order your tickets and get pumped up for your team!

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