Charlton Athletic’s Biggest Competitors

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Who is Charlton Athletic’s main competitors? The question is frequently asked by football fans. That’s why we’re here: to answer that question. Charlton Athletic has a long relationship with a handful of its rivals. Their primary rivals are Fulham, West Ham United, Millwall, and Crystal Palace. Gillingham is another prominent opponent, and the two clubs have played some memorable games against one another. Along with these, there are other teams that have faced off against Charlton Athletic in significant rivalries over the years.

Read on to discover more about Charlton Athletic’s key rivals and the causes of their ferocious rivalry.

Crystal Palace

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You’re bound to get goosebumps from the rivalry between Crystal Palace and Charlton Athletic! The two clubs originally faced off against one another in the South East London Derby in the late 1960s, which marked the beginning of this fierce rivalry. Since then, the rivalry has only intensified as both teams have become ardent competitors in an effort to outdo one another. Due to the intensity of the rivalry, there have been multiple instances of fan violence, and both teams have come under fire for their involvement in these occurrences. The two sides have currently faced off 44 times, with Charlton holding the advantage with 22 victories.

Although Crystal Palace managed to win 18 games, the remaining four games ended in draws, making the rivalry very even. The previous meeting between the two teams ended with a 3-1 victory for Charlton. The 1992 South East London Derby between the two sides was one of the most notable games. This game was especially remarkable since it was played in front of a packed house with both sides competing for the victory. Both teams traded penalties, and the game ended with a score of 1-1. A heated rivalry in English football exists between Charlton Athletic and Crystal Palace.

Due to their mutual respect, both teams usually perform at their highest level when they face off against one another. Fans of both clubs are sure to be in for a treat anytime the two sides meet because they have such a rich history together. In the years to come, the contest will undoubtedly intensify and thrill the spectators. The South East London Derby will always be an exciting and exhilarating experience for everyone participating, regardless of which club wins.


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In the London area, Millwall and Charlton have a long history of being bitter rivals. When both clubs were placed in the same division in the late 19th century, a rivalry was born. Since since, there has been a fierce rivalry between the two clubs as they frequently compete for the same players and the right to win the neighbourhood derby. The two clubs have faced off against one another countless times in league, cup, and friendly games, with Charlton typically holding the better overall record.

However, Millwall has experienced success in the past. In 2006, the team famously defeated Charlton 6-0 in the FA Cup. Both groups of fans are keen to ousting one another in the stands, demonstrating the intensity of the rivalry. The games are tightly policed because there have occasionally been fights between the supporters of the two clubs. Due to the clubs’ shared division in recent years, the rivalry’s intensity has increased.

Neither club wanted to finish below the other at the end of the season, therefore it has been a hotly contested race. The history-rich rivalry between these two teams will go on to be played out in the future. No matter what division the two sides are in, the rivalry will endure for years to follow. Every squad anticipates a tough fight with its neighbourhood rivals.

West Ham United

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Due to their long-standing rivalry, West Ham United and Millwall frequently engage in thrilling matchups. But Charlton Athletic, another team in the city, is frequently included in the mix. The Addicks and Hammers have had a long-standing rivalry that began with the 1919 FA Cup Final and has persisted to the present. Even though the teams have competed against one another on multiple occasions since then, they frequently appear in the same division, which only fuels the fire.

As a result, the two teams have played in a number of memorable games, the most well-known of which was the 2007 League One Playoff Final, which West Ham won by a solitary goal to advance to the Championship. The two fan bases have occasionally traded insults and taunts in a sour rivalry. The games are always highly competitive despite the animosity, and there is still an underlying respect for one another. Numerous notable players who have played for both teams have appeared for the two groups, such Bobby Moore, who won the World Cup with England in 1966 while playing for West Ham, before spending a brief time with Charlton in 1974.

Even though the two teams haven’t faced off as regularly lately, their rivalry is still fierce, and there is always excitement whenever they get together. Both teams are now in the Championship, thus their rivalry will once again take front stage. In their 147 meetings in all competitions, West Ham holds a slim advantage with 59 victories to Charlton’s 45. 43 of the remaining games were draws. The match between the Addicks and the Hammers will undoubtedly be interesting regardless of the final score.



The thrilling games between Fulham and West Ham United, two teams known for their competitive play, are ones you won’t want to miss. Since the early 1900s, there has been a rivalry between the two London clubs, which has caused tension between the teams. Over 200 matches between the two clubs have previously taken place, and the rivalry has been so ferocious that it has even led to confrontations between spectators on the terraces. Fulham is one of Charlton Athletic’s main competitors.

The two teams have faced off against one another in a number of significant games, including derbies, FA Cup games, and even European championships. The most notable of these was Charlton’s 5-4 on aggregate victory over Fulham in the 2009 League Cup semifinal. It was a thrilling game with both teams trading blows, and Charlton came out on top.  Respect between the two clubs has fueled the rivalry between Fulham and Charlton. While simultaneously taking satisfaction in the performances of their own club, Fulham fans also complimented the efforts of their rivals. The way both teams have played the game, with the games frequently being close and fierce, has shown their mutual respect.

Bobby Moore, Johnny Haynes, and George Cohen, for Fulham, and Chris Powell, Andy Hunt, and Matt Holland, for Charlton, are just a few examples. All of these players have contributed to the climate of rivalry between the two teams. For many years, Fulham and Charlton’s rivalry has played a significant role in London football. It’s a rivalry that has produced some memorable games, legendary players, and respect for one another. It makes sense why supporters of both teams look forward to these games each season.


Gillingham is a team with a long history of tough play, and over the years, the two teams have played numerous hard games together. When the two teams first faced off in the Southern League Division One in the early 1900s, their rivalry was already well-established. Since then, the two teams have played each other more than 100 times, frequently with a lot of excitement and competitive spirit. Over the years, the two teams have played in some notable games, notably the well-known 5-5 draw in the 2007/08 season.

In this game, Charlton took a 3-0 lead only for Gillingham to rally and tie the score at 5-5 with seconds left to play. Both sets of fans still have positive memories of the game. The two teams’ rivalry has recently become quite intense, with Gillingham defeating the Addicks 1-0 to win the League One playoff final in 2019–20. With this victory, Charlton was dropped to League One while Gillingham was promoted to the Championship.  There has been a healthy amount of respect between the two sides in addition to their competitive nature.

Over the years, both teams have developed a mutual respect for one another; Gillingham’s chairman, Paul Scally, even remarked that “the rivalry between the two sides is one of the best in football.” In general, over the years, the rivalry between Charlton Athletic and Gillingham has witnessed its fair share of tight games and fierce spirit. Despite their disagreements, both teams have exhibited a high level of respect for one another, and it is certain that the teams will continue to engage spectators in exciting contests for years to come.

Other notable rivalries involving Charlton Athletic

You probably know about Charlton Athletic’s rivalry with Gillingham if you’re a fan. Did you know that they also have two other significant rivalries? One is with AFC Wimbledon, which was established in 2002 following the relocation of the original Wimbledon to Milton Keynes. The other is with Brentford, a London-based team with a long history of rivalry. Get down to The Valley to support them because both games are always closely contested!

AFC Wimbledon

AFC Wimbledon and Charlton Athletic have a fierce rivalry, and their matches are always hotly contested. This rivalry is relatively new, with AFC Wimbledon only being formed in 2002. Fans of both teams are passionate about the matches and the atmosphere at games is always electric. Charlton won the first derby between the two sides in 2003, but AFC Wimbledon have since won the majority of their clashes. In 2016, AFC Wimbledon were promoted to League One, the same division as Charlton.

The intensity of the games grew even higher as a result of the rivalry being tested. The two teams faced each other three times during the 2019–2020 season, with Charlton coming out on top twice. The derby matches continue to be fiercely contested since both sets of fans are always keen to win. The rivalry will undoubtedly continue for years to come because both teams are in the same division!


AFC Wimbledon and Brentford have been rivals for a very long time, and their games are frequently very competitive. The two West London-based teams have been exchanging wins for many years. The rivalry is made more exciting by the fervent support of both teams’ loyal fan bases. Brentford has had recent success, and the team will win the Championship in 2020. This has just served to fuel the fire, and now it’s common to hear Brentford supporters singing “We Are Brentford” together.

Because of their close proximity to one another and their frequent competition for the league’s top slots, the two teams’ rivalry has grown more intense. Over the years, this has led to some dramatic games when both teams give it their all to win. There will undoubtedly be more thrilling games to watch in the years to come thanks to the rivalry between Brentford and AFC Wimbledon.


No matter the opposition, Charlton Athletic always puts their best foot forward. Their main rivals are Gillingham, Fulham, West Ham United, Millwall, Crystal Palace, and Millwall. However, the Addicks have engaged in a number of other noteworthy rivalries throughout the years. With these opponents, every game is a struggle, and Charlton will undoubtedly put up a fight. Whatever the outcome, it will undoubtedly be a thrilling game. You won’t regret it, so come out and support Charlton Athletic!

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