Ewood Park Stadium

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Are you a football fan? Are you familiar with the Ewood Park stadium? Blackburn Rovers Football Club has their home at Ewood Park in Lancashire, England. It is one of the nation’s oldest stadiums and has been in use since 1890. You should visit Ewood Park if you’re a fan of Blackburn Rovers. You may go to the stadium and experience what it’s like to play for this football team. The atmosphere will be fantastic, the fans will be fervent, and there will be a tremendous sense of camaraderie.

Whether you’re a devoted supporter of Blackburn Rovers or simply want to see a classic English football stadium, a trip to Ewood Park is sure to be memorable.

To which team belongs Ewood Park stadium and where is it located?

Blackburn Rovers FC has called Ewood Park Stadium, a football stadium in Blackburn, England, home since 1890. With a seating capacity of nearly 31,000, the stadium has witnessed some of the most iconic moments in football history. The stadium underwent its most recent makeover in 2002, adding a new North Stand and the Jack Walker Stand, which can accommodate 12,000 spectators. Athletics, cricket, and rugby are among the other sports played at the stadium.

Additionally, it is used for other occasions like conferences and concerts. Train, bus, and vehicle travel are all simple ways to get to Ewood Park, which is situated in a residential area. Ewood Park is known for its fervent fans, and the ambiance there is constantly exciting. The most ardent Blackburn Rovers FC fans may be found in the Singing Section, which is in the Darwen End. Other events that are held in the stadium include business gatherings, fundraising efforts for charities, and civic activities. Along with other amenities, the stadium contains a club shop, a café, a museum, and a memorial garden.

The club store carries a wide selection of goods, including souvenirs, memorabilia, and official team apparel. The original team uniform, medals, and pictures are among the historical artefacts kept in the museum. The public is welcome to visit the memorial garden, which serves as a space to celebrate the present and honour the past. Ewood Park is a historic venue that has witnessed some of the greatest football moments. Many people adore this location, which serves as Blackburn Rovers FC’s proud home. It is a location where the neighbourhood can congregate and take in some of football’s greatest moments.

What is Blackburn Rovers’ connection to Ewood Park stadium?

Image source: Wikimedia.org

Blackburn Rovers have a long-standing relationship with Ewood because they have held home games there since 1890. When the club was first established in 1875, it played its games on a nearby cricket pitch before relocating to Ewood Park in 1890. Due to the club’s many highs and lows while playing there, the stadium has come to symbolise Blackburn. Over the years, there have been numerous modifications and additions made to the stadium, which has seen numerous changes. After the late local businessman and Blackburn Rovers fan Jack Walker, the stadium was renamed the Jack Walker Stadium in 1995. In 2001, it changed its name to Ewood Park, and its present seating capacity is 31,367.

The team has an excellent relationship with its fans, who have supported them through both good and terrible times. At Ewood Park, there is a sizable presence of fans, and lots of them show up to home games to support their squad. With numerous activities held at Ewood Park, the club also enjoys a strong bond with the neighbourhood. These consist of football competitions, musical performances, and neighbourhood gatherings. Blackburn Rovers Community Trust, which collaborates with locals to advance health, education, and social inclusion, also uses the stadium.

Ewood Park, a representation of the club’s accomplishments and their long-standing ties to the neighbourhood, serves as a sign of Blackburn Rovers’ pride in being a part of the neighbourhood. People from all walks of life are welcome at Ewood Park, and when the team takes the pitch, the energy is always high. Fans and supporters of Blackburn Rovers will always have fond recollections of this location since it is a place where memories are created and dreams can come true.

How can I visit Ewood Park Stadium?

A trip to Ewood Park won’t let you down if you’re a Blackburn Rovers fan or just searching for a distinctive experience! Ewood Park provides tours of the venue. You can tour Blackburn Rovers’ stadium and discover more about the club’s past. Online booking is available for tours, which are an excellent way to experience the stadium’s atmosphere from the stands and pitchside.

Stadium tours at Ewood Park stadium

A Blackburn Rovers Stadium Tour allows you to experience the distinctive ambiance of Ewood Park Stadium. The tour includes stops at the directors’ box, the press room, the pitch side, and the home and away dressing rooms. You can also get your photo taken with the FA Cup, which Blackburn Rovers won in 1928 and again in 1929.

The trophy cabinet and the club’s historical relics will also be on display. The tour can be completed with a trip to the Blackburn Rovers club store, where you can buy memorabilia and souvenirs. Tours can take up to an hour and are offered both on and off match days. Be sure to check the Blackburn for the latest prices.

What can I expect during a visit to Ewood Park stadium?

A trip to Blackburn Rover is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Before the game begins, take a tour of the stadium to get a feel for the energy that will be present. You can anticipate an exciting environment at Emirates Stadium as supporters roar for their squad and you can take in the vigour that permeates the stands. Take everything in; you won’t soon forget the experience!

Exploring the stadium before a match

Exploring Ewood Park Stadium before the game is an exciting experience. The crowd is lively and ready for the show to begin. You can browse the concourses, where a variety of pleasures are offered by food and beverage stands. You can purchase official Blackburn Rovers gear by visiting the team store. The stadium is filled with interactive activities, including the interactive scoreboard and the interactive fan wall.

You can also take a tour of the field and the locker rooms, which have interactive exhibits that give you a peek at the club’s inner workings. Additionally, you can participate in the formal pre-game ritual shortly before the game starts. It’s a fantastic way to get into the game and support the team. So, come on out and check out the stadium at Ewood Park. An unforgettable match day will result from it.

Matchday experience at Emirates Stadium

As supporters of Blackburn Rovers from all walks of life assemble, there is an actual feeling of expectation in the air. Every corner of the stadium exudes history, serving as a constant reminder that you are standing on sacred ground where legends have graced the pitch. A symphony of pre-match excitement is created by the clinks of scarves being fastened, the chatter of excited discussions, and the far-off echos of screams.

Ewood Park Stadium is more than just a place to watch football; it represents feelings, memories, and a sense of community. It’s a place where complete strangers wind up becoming friends, and the echoes of chants and applause linger in your memory long after you leave. Ewood Park is a trip you won’t want to miss if you’re looking for an actual matchday experience that captures the spirit of football passion.


You now have a solid knowledge of Blackburn Rovers and the Ewood Park stadium. It serves as Blackburn Rovers Football Club’s home field and is situated in Lancashire, United Kingdom. You can go to the stadium and take in the thrill and ambiance of a game day. Blackburn Rovers is certain to provide you with an outstanding experience, whether you want to experience the atmosphere of the game or take a tour of the grounds. So, why not use this chance to go to Ewood Park Stadium and see it for yourself? You won’t be sorry!

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