Fulham’s Biggest Competitors

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Are you prepared to enter the hostile world of Fulham’s biggest competitors? Prepare yourself to feel the ferocious intensity that drives the clashes on the pitch. Intense matchups with Queens Park Rangers, Brentford, Crystal Palace, and Millwall are just a few of Fulham’s tense rivalries that have influenced their history, in addition to the club’s legendary battles with Chelsea. These are the games that elicit strong feelings from both players and spectators, sparking legendary moments and rivalries. However, Fulham has also become involved in other illustrious rivalries that add even more spice to the mix.

So, prepare yourself and get ready for a thrilling voyage through some of Fulham’s biggest rivalries.


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As a Fulham fan, you can’t help but get fired up whenever it’s time to take on Chelsea, one of our bitter rivals. These two West London clubs have an intense rivalry that has a long history. There is an overwhelming feeling of excitement before the game as both sets of supporters look forwards to the confrontation.

At Craven Cottage, the energy is electrifying as passionate shouts and combative exchanges fill the room. Every tackle and goal are wildly cheered, and the skirmishes on the field are always hotly waged. Beyond the football field, there are local pride and bragging rights at stake in this rivalry. The matchup against Chelsea is usually a highlight of the season, whether it be a league game or a cup encounter.

Queens Park Rangers

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Fans are extremely passionate about the strong rivalry between Fulham and Queens Park Rangers since it has a lengthy history. When these two teams play one other, tensions are high and the stadiums are electrified. The rivalry began in the early 20th century when both clubs were playing in English football’s lower levels. The intensity of the competition has only gotten stronger over time.

Fulham and Queens Park Rangers games are famous for their durability and competition, with both teams giving it their all to win. The fans on both sides anxiously anticipate these matches since bragging rights are always on the line. The competition ensures that games are exciting and excitingly played in London.


Prepare to be encompassed in the electric energy of the crowd and watch the tough competition on the pitch as you experience the dramatic atmosphere of a Brentford match. The games between Fulham and Brentford, Fulham’s main adversary, are usually eagerly anticipated and never let fans down. Every match is more intense because of the long-standing rivalry between these two teams.

Both teams’ supporters are renowned for their fervent support, which energizes the stadium. You’ll be enthralled by the quick-paced action, deft play, and tenacity of each team to win from the time the referee blows the whistle. A match against Fulham is exciting whether you’re a committed Brentford fan or just a spectator.

Crystal Palace

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Get ready to be surprised by the exciting atmosphere at a Crystal Palace game, where you’ll be swept up in the passionate energy of the fans and observe the thrilling competition on the pitch. You will find yourself as a Fulham fan in the middle of one of our fiercest rivalries. Both teams are vying for local bragging rights in the tight matchups between Fulham and Crystal Palace.

Both teams’ passionate fans generate an electrifying atmosphere that ups the game’s degree of excitement. To win for their respective teams, the players on the field give it their all, exhibiting their talents and tenacity. Prepare yourself for a memorable experience at a Fulham versus Crystal Palace game by bringing your friends and family.


Enjoy the exciting atmosphere of a Millwall game and see the competitive, adrenaline-fueled action take place on the field. You can sense the fervour and antagonism in the air as soon as you enter The Den, which is the home field of Millwall Football Club. The rivalry between Fulham and Millwall has been a contentious one for decades, igniting rivalry between the two teams’ fan bases.

The players give it their all and leave nothing on the field as the chants reverberate throughout the stadium. There are roars of appreciation or condemnation for each obstacle, goal, and save. Fans are on the edge of their seats anxiously awaiting the result of this competitive match, and the suspense is apparent. It’s an intergenerational rivalry.

Other notable rivalries involving Fulham

Let’s now discuss additional significant rivalries involving Fulham. Birmingham City and Charlton Athletic are two important areas to pay attention to. You may have heard about the dramatic games between Charlton Athletic and Fulham, where both teams have a reputation for great rivalry. The matchups between Fulham and Birmingham City have also been eagerly anticipated, with each team engaging in intense competition on the field.

Charlton Athletic

Imagine yourself in the heavy of a loud Craven Cottage crowd, surrounded by the heated rivalry between Fulham and Charlton Athletic. These two clubs have a long history together, and their encounters have always been quite competitive. Their close closeness and ambition to establish domination over West London are the root causes of their rivalry.

The fans of both team’s chant, sing, and abuse each other throughout matches between Fulham and Charlton, which are always eagerly anticipated. Every tackle, goal, and wasted opportunity fuels the fervour in the fans, which is tremendous. These games rank among the most cherished in Fulham’s history because of the bragging rights that come with victory over Charlton.

Birmingham City

The matches between Fulham and Birmingham City have always been closely contested due to their long history and fervent supporter bases. Nothing less than an intense battle for domination is to be expected when these two teams square off on the field. Each time they compete, their long-standing rivalry, which has lasted for many years, adds gasoline to the fire.

Both groups of supporters flood the stadium during these games, yelling and applauding for their own clubs, creating an electrifying environment. The players put everything on the line to win for their team, feeling the weight of this competition as well. A lot of goals, drama, and excitement are certain in this game. The conflicts between Fulham and other teams, whether they take place at Craven Cottage or St.


These are the main rivalries for Fulham, then. These matches are always passionate and exciting, whether it is the tough battles with Chelsea or the fiery clashes with QPR. Not to mention Millwall, Brentford, and Crystal Palace, who have all contributed to memorable on-field events. As a Fulham supporter, you know that these rivalries will always bring out the best in your club. So get ready for some intense competition and spectacular games in the upcoming seasons!

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