Hull City’s Biggest Competitors

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We’re excited to take you inside some of Hull City’s fiercest rivals. Hull City, one of England’s most successful teams, has historically engaged in several fierce rivalries. We’ll look at the biggest and most contentious rivalry Hull City has encountered over the years, from Leeds United to Doncaster Rovers. You’ll discover the origins of these rivalries and the factors that have contributed to their escalation. We’ll also talk about some of Hull City’s other illustrious rivalries.

So, let’s explore some of the greatest competitors in Hull City’s past!

Leeds United

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Being two of the fiercest rivals in football, the tension between Hull City and Leeds United could be cut with a knife. The two sides’ first FA Cup matchup in the late 19th century marked the beginning of the rivalry. The competition has only intensified since then. Each team has enjoyed some degree of success, with Hull City being promoted to the Premier League in 2008.

But regardless of what any club achieves, the rivalry still exists. Both sides’ supporters never pass up the chance to support their team as they compete against one another. Nothing truly compares to the excitement in the stadium when these two teams play. It’s a rivalry that will probably last for a very long time.

Sheffield Wednesday

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For many years, the heated rivalry between Hull and Sheffield Wednesday has served as a catalyst for intense feelings. This rivalry dates back to the 1920s, when both teams were vying for the English Football League’s Division Two championship. Since then, the two teams have competed against one another countless times and have grown intensely competitive.

Fans of both teams have often clashed at matches, and there have been regular chants and songs sung by both sides to spur on their team. The rivalry has become so intense that some consider it to be one of the biggest in English football. Both teams have enjoyed success over the years, and it’s likely that this rivalry will continue for many years to come.

Scunthorpe United

Given that Scunthorpe United and Hull City have been embroiled in a rivalry for many years, the matchup will be intense. The English League Championship saw the emergence of this rivalry in the late 2000s, and it has since grown to be one of the strongest in the nation. Both teams have enjoyed success in the past, but Hull City has had the advantage lately.

When the two teams compete, Scunthorpe fans are well renowned for their passionate shouts and consistently turn out in large numbers. In reaction to Scunthorpe’s taunting, Hull City supporters frequently may be overheard shouting disparaging tunes. Anytime these two teams play each other, it will be a fun game.

Grimsby Town

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Visit Grimsby Town to witness their heated rivalry with Scunthorpe United. Grimsby Town and Hull City have a fierce rivalry that stems from their shared detest of one another. The two teams first faced off in the FA Cup in the 1920s, beginning a long-standing rivalry. Over the years, the clubs have played a lot of competitive games against one another, with one squad constantly striving to defeat the other.

The two teams’ most recent encounter ended in a 2-1 Grimsby Town victory during the 2017–18 campaign. Strong rivalries are frequently observed in the stands, and the rivalry has been known to produce some angry exchanges between the two groups of fans. Over the years, the two sides have played each other in a number of cup matches; the most recent of them was the 2017–18 EFL Trophy. Although Grimsby Town has won more recently, the rivalry is likely to continue as both teams compete for bragging rights.

Doncaster Rovers

Experience the ferocious rivalry between Scunthorpe United and Doncaster Rovers as they compete for local bragging rights. The two groups have a long history of rivalry, with Doncaster Rovers winning in more recent times. In recent years, the two teams have faced off several times in cup tournaments, with Doncaster Rovers typically coming out on top. Both sets of supporters frequently engage in tense verbal exchanges, fostering a fervent sense of rivalry between their respective fan bases.

The local derby, which pits the two teams against one another frequently, always has a lively atmosphere at the stadium. The games between the two teams are consistently exciting and offer a fun spectacle. Although Doncaster Rovers have recently been the dominant team, Scunthorpe United is constantly eager to send a message to its neighbourhood rivals.

Other notable rivalries involving Hull City

Hull City has a history of fierce competitiveness with other clubs as well. You may be aware of their rivalry with Doncaster Rovers. Two of the most famous rivalries feature Bradford City and York City, two teams that Hull City has faced off against for a very long time. These rivalries have been fiercely contested throughout the years, and both teams will undoubtedly continue to play a significant role in Hull City’s history.

Bradford City

When you compete against Bradford City, you can just feel the fierce rivalry! Since 1987, when Hull City and Bradford City squared off in the playoffs, the two teams have been mired in conflict. Although Hull City prevailed at the time, the rivalry between the two clubs has only intensified since then. The atmosphere at games between the two teams is always electric thanks to the passionate backing of both clubs’ supporters.

The rivalry is one of the most bitter in the English Football League and has been referred to as a “regional derby.” The recent Premier League success of Hull City has further fueled the fire. Every season, fans of the two clubs eagerly anticipate their teams’ games. Don’t pass up the thrill of a Bradford City vs. Hull City game!

York City

Since the late 1980s, York City and Hull City have been at odds with one another. Since since, they have engaged in tense confrontations, with York City fans frequently coming to Hull for away games. The two groups have competed against one another in the FA Cup and the League Cup, among other events. Both cities have also engaged in bitter rivalries in the lower divisions, with York City becoming victorious in recent times.

The two clubs’ rivalry is still fierce in spite of their recent varying degrees of success. The supporters of both clubs continue to cheer on their teams as they compete frequently for bragging rights. 2019 saw the two sides engage in their most recent conflict, with York City coming out on top. As both sides compete to be the dominant power in the region, their most recent clash is certain to be just as exciting as their prior encounters.


Hull City has several rivalries, which is a good thing. You can be sure that the Tigers will have plenty of opposition, from Doncaster Rovers and Grimsby Town to Leeds United and Sheffield Wednesday. Hull City’s rivalries are always entertaining to watch, whether it’s a fierce local rivalry or a contest between two teams from the same neighborhood. So be sure to visit the KCOM Stadium and take part in the friendly competition!

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