Ipswich Town’s Biggest Competitors

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This is the Ipswich Town rivalry world! Ipswich Town, one of the oldest professional clubs in England, has a long and illustrious history of fierce competition with other clubs. Learn about some of their fiercest competitors in this article, along with the reasons for their animosities. You will understand why Ipswich Town’s rivalries are some of the most heated in the English Football League as you witness the fiery exchange between Norwich City and the ongoing conflict with West Ham United. You’ll discover more about Ipswich Town’s other significant rivalries, including those with Leeds United and Sheffield United.

Prepare to enter the exciting world of Ipswich Town rivalries by fastening your seatbelts!

Norwich City

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Since the 1960s, Ipswich Town and Norwich City have competed against one another. Their rivalry has been characterized as strong and passionate, two sides of the same coin. The rivalry has been passed down from one generation to the next, and each side is incredibly proud of their squad. When the two teams compete, you can feel the intensity as a large number of spectators turn out to support their home side.

The outcomes of the two teams’ matches in the League Cup, FA Cup, and Championship were frequently close and competitive. Ipswich Town has had its moments, but Norwich City has been the more successful team lately. The rivalry between the two teams has produced some memorable contests, and it is expected to last for many more years.

Colchester United

Over the years, Colchester United has been a fierce opponent to Ipswich, reigniting a storied rivalry. The League Cup matchup between Ipswich and Colchester in the late 1990s, when Ipswich overcame Colchester to advance to the semi-finals, stands out as the most notable contest between the two clubs. The two teams’ rivalry has grown intense in recent years, and they frequently trade victories. Colchester United is typically regarded by Ipswich supporters as their greatest foe, and they frequently refer to them as the “Old Enemy.”

The two teams’ matchups are eagerly anticipated and frequently draw sizable audiences. These games often have an explosive atmosphere as both groups of fans compete to cheer louder. As both teams continue to compete for local bragging rights, the rivalry between these two clubs is not going to end anytime soon.

West Ham United

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For many years, there has been a bitter rivalry between you and West Ham United, with both teams vying for supremacy in the East Anglia region. Ipswich Town’s rivalry with West Ham hasn’t been an exception to either town’s lengthy history of footballing success. The early 2000s, when Ipswich Town won promotion to the Premier League, was one of the two sides’ most memorable matches.

Even though they would only spend a short time in the top division, they were nevertheless able to defeat West Ham on multiple occasions. The rivalry between Ipswich Town and West Ham is still strong despite the fact that both teams are currently competing in League One.

Leeds United

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Thrillingly, for many years you and Leeds United have been engaged in a fierce struggle for supremacy. The rivalry between the two teams has existed since Leeds United’s promotion to the English Premier League in 2019. It resembles a cup final every time Ipswich Town and Leeds United play. Being two of the most successful clubs in England only heightens the intensity of the rivalry between the two teams.

The games between the two teams are always incredibly dramatic and very competitive. Both teams have enjoyed some recent success, with Leeds United winning the Championship in 2010 and Ipswich Town winning the Championship in 2000. Despite their conflict, the two sides greatly respect one another. The superiority of Ipswich Town and Leeds United as two of English football’s top teams has been repeatedly demonstrated.

Sheffield United

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Another excellent team that has had recent success is Sheffield United. Their rivalry with Leeds United is among the most thrilling in the Premier League. In recent years, Ipswich Town and they have developed a healthy rivalry, most notably in the 2012–13 season when they were both in the Championship. In cup competitions, the two teams have been drawn against one another, and there have been some exciting games.

Leeds United and Sheffield United have a long-standing rivalry that dates back decades, and the two teams have engaged in several notable matches in the past. Both teams have a history of bringing in sizable crowds to their games, making them some of the liveliest events in the league. Ipswich Town and Sheffield United will continue to compete against one another for many years to come.

Other notable rivalries involving Ipswich Town

Although Sheffield United may be the most well-known adversary of Ipswich Town, they also have other noteworthy rivalries. Ipswich Town and East Midlands-based Nottingham Forest and London-based Charlton Athletic are fierce rivals. These rivalries have existed for a long time and are still significant to Ipswich Town’s football culture.

Charlton Athletic

When Ipswich Town and Charlton Athletic square off, there will undoubtedly be a ferocious rivalry there. Since Town’s promotion to the First Division in the middle of the 1990s, the two teams have competed against one another in the English Football League. Since then, the teams have faced off virtually every season, and the games are frequently hotly contested.

Ipswich supporters have always been despised by Charlton supporters, and vice versa. The two clubs have also engaged in a number of cup matches, with Town typically coming out on top. Ipswich supporters are always hungry to defeat their opponents, and when they play Charlton, the atmosphere at Portman Road is typically electrifying. It’s a conflict that will continue for years.

Nottingham Forest

Over the years, Nottingham Forest and Ipswich Town have engaged in a number of confrontations, frequently in league and cup tournaments. The 1978 FA Cup Final between the two teams stands out as the most notable encounter. Nottingham Forest defeated Ipswich Town 1-0 to claim victory. Nottingham Forest celebrated this triumph greatly because it was the team’s first major championship.

The two teams have also engaged in a number of memorable league matches, with Nottingham Forest winning the majority of them. The two teams have long-standing animosity, and their games are frequently fiercely contested. Despite their past encounters, the two teams still play frequently, and the games are never boring to watch.


Several of Ipswich Town’s fiercest rivalries have now been witnessed. These teams, including the Colchester United U’s and the Norwich City Canaries, have been competing against one another for many years. The rivalry has included other teams as well, including West Ham, Leeds, and Sheffield United. Ipswich Town fans are always eager for a good brawl, no matter the opposition. So when you’re next in town, make sure to attend a game and experience the rivalry first!

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