Luis Enrique says he aspires to manage in England but rules out Tottenham: “I would not go to just any Premier League team.”

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Although Luis Enrique has expressed a desire to coach in the Premier League, a job at Spurs may be way too early for him.

After going his own way away from Spain before the World Cup, the former Barcelona manager who won a triple has been jobless ever since.

The coach, who was born in Gijon and was one of the most well-known managerial figures on the market, led his team to a semi-final participation at Euro 2020 before losing to Morocco in the Round of 16.

Julian Nagelsmann, Roberto De Zerbi, Mauricio Pochettino, and Luis Enrique are also thought to be candidates to succeed Antonio Conte as Spurs’ manager.

The former manager of Barcelona, Roma, and Celta Vigo is considering moving to England, but he isn’t quite eager to take the plunge.

He told La SER Gijon, “I would like to travel to England to work, but I don’t see myself in the Premier League in July. “National teams have made offers for me, but I’ve not received any from clubs. Although it would be extremely challenging for me to coach in Spain, it would have to be a very important team to win me over. I’m not sure if I would be prepared.”

The frequently mysterious 52-year-old has been taking advantage of his time off from football by participating most recently in a gruelling 700km cycle race.

He claimed he will only read English-language media, and he frequently keeps up with his fans via his many social media platforms.

“I haven’t read the Spanish press since the World Cup finished,” he said. “I exclusively read the English press. You cannot claim to be everyone’s friend or have any influence over what people say about you. It’s crucial to maintain your composure and delight in your favourite activities.”

Regarding his time as Spain’s manager, Luis Enrique continued, “I know that the vultures and rats have been using their second glory. I am really happy with my time spent coaching. Although we made mistakes, we still had to make decisions, which is what my staff and I did.”

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