Luton Town’s Biggest Competitors

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Are you a Luton football club fan and are you prepared to read about some of the most intense disputes concerning the Luton Town Football Club? With a lengthy history of clashes with some of the greatest clubs in the nation, this 1885-founded squad has participated in the English Football League since its inception. The greatest opponents of Luton Town will be examined in this article, including Watford FC, Millwall FC, Stevenage FC, Cambridge United FC, and Wycombe Wanderers FC. We’ll talk about some of Luton Town’s other significant rivalries as well.

So, if you’re a Hatters fan, let’s get started and examine the fiercest rivals in Luton Town’s past!

Watford FC

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You are aware of Luton Town’s major rival? It’s the Watford FC! Since the middle of the 20th century, the two clubs have been rivals, and their animosity has grown with time. This is because both teams are based in the same area of England, which has sparked a competitive local rivalry for bragging rights.

Due to their membership in the Premier League, Watford FC has enjoyed the upper hand over Luton Town in recent years. Due to this, there have been a few tight games between the two clubs, with Watford FC winning the most recent one 3-2. The rivalry between the two teams is still fierce, and football fans should expect it to be an ongoing source of excitement.

Millwall FC

Without a doubt, Luton Town is your biggest rival when it comes to Millwall FC. When the two clubs first faced off on the pitch in the 1960s, a long-standing rivalry between the two teams began. With both sides aiming for the top slot in the English Football League, the rivalry has grown increasingly tense over the years. It has always been a close race between the two teams, despite the fact that both have experienced their fair share of success.

The meetings between Millwall and Luton are consistently fiercely contested and have the potential to be exciting contests. These games have a frenetic energy to them since both sets of fans are fervent about their own squads. The eagerness for their next battle increases as their competition between the two teams increases.

Stevenage FC

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Close games between Stevenage FC and Millwall FC frequently occur, with both teams competing for first place in the English Football League. Stevenage is a relatively new team compared to its competitors, having been founded in 1976. They have nevertheless had exceptional success in recent years, with the 2017–18 season being their greatest to date. They narrowly missed the play-offs by placing in the top 10 of the League Two table.

Since their promotion to the Football League in 2010, Stevenage has never finished in the top half of the standings. Luton Town and Stevenage have only been playing together in the Football League since 2010, therefore their rivalry is a relatively new one. The nearest geographic opponent of Luton Town is Stevenage, and there is a lot of excitement in the fans whenever these two teams play.

The games between the two teams have been intense, and no supporter will forget the 2018–19 meeting, which Luton Town won 4–3 after coming back from a 3-0 deficit. For many more years to come, Luton Town and Stevenage will continue to compete against one another. The recent success that both teams have enjoyed is likely to increase the level of competition in their games. The intensity of this rivalry will only increase as both teams compete for promotion and a spot in the Championship.

Cambridge United FC

Another team in the English Football League that has had recent success is Cambridge United FC, which competes with Stevenage FC. Since the 1970s, Cambridge has been Luton Town’s biggest competition. In their history, the two sides have faced off more than 200 times, with Luton Town presently holding the advantage in victories. Over the years, Cambridge United has had a few victories over Luton Town, including taking home the Football League Trophy in 2014.

Despite this, the rivalry is still intense, and both sets of supporters are devoted to their own squads. Both teams have recently grown more competitive and advanced to higher divisions, demonstrating this passion. One of the most heated rivalries in English football is that between Luton Town and Cambridge United, and it appears that it will last for many years to come.

Wycombe Wanderers FC

Visit Adams Park to support Wycombe Wanderers FC and take in one of English football’s most fervent rivalries! In the past 30 years, Luton Town and Wycombe have faced off more than 60 times, establishing a long-standing rivalry. In the League Two, League One, and Football League Trophy, the teams have engaged in fierce competition. The antagonism between the two fan bases has been just as fierce off the pitch.

As possibly the Football League’s biggest fans, Wycombe Wanderers’ fans make Adams Park electrifying whenever Luton Town visits. The stadium turns into a sea of blue and yellow during the match as fans on both sides scream their hearts out in favour of their respective clubs. Matches between Luton Town and Wycombe Wanderers are always a must-see event because of the two clubs’ increasing rivalry.

Other notable rivalries involving Luton Town

There are more famous rivalries involving Luton Town outside the one between Wycombe Wanderers FC and Luton Town, which you may be aware of. Most significantly, the rivalry between Luton Town and Milton Keynes Dons FC has existed since 2004. In addition, Luton Town and Northampton Town FC have a long-standing rivalry that dates back to the late 19th century. These two rivalries are crucial topics of conversation when it comes to Luton Town since they are both fierce and hotly disputed.

Milton Keynes Dons FC

You better believe Milton Keynes Dons FC is one of Luton Town’s biggest rivals! The rivalry between the two teams dates back to the early 2000s. The original Wimbledon FC relocated to Milton Keynes at this time, becoming MK Dons. The two sides have contested each other in numerous notable games since then.

There have been a lot of tense interactions between the two teams, both on and off the pitch. Both teams have engaged in verbal and physical altercations in front of the spectators as a result of the rivalry. Despite how heated the competition is, it has only increased the drama of the games and helped foster a more intense atmosphere.

Northampton Town FC

Moving on to another rivalry, we now turn our attention to Northampton Town FC, also known as The Cobblers. The oldest football league club in the nation, this team competes in the English Football League. When the two teams first faced off in the late 1800s, their rivalry was already well-established. Since then, this rivalry has intensified and currently features fervent supporters on both sides, making it one of the most well-known in English football.

Over 220 competitive games between the two sides have taken place, with Luton Town winning the most victories and Northampton Town drawing the most draws. 2019 saw the conclusion of the most recent contest between the two teams, which was a tie. Because of this, the rivalry is still running strong and will probably last for many years.


You now fully understand the fiercest rivalry between Luton Town and Watford FC, Cambridge United FC, and even Wycombe Wanderers FC. Each rivalry has a unique history and narrative, and each team has a dedicated fan base. These teams all aggressively compete against one another, but they are also bound together by the spirit of the game and their respect for one another. Therefore, if you ever find yourself in Luton, enter a stadium and take in the electrifying atmosphere of a local derby!

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