Queens Park Rangers’s Biggest Competitors

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Are you a Queens Park Rangers supporter? If so, you’re probably aware of their main conflicts. QPR has experienced its fair share of tense rivalries, ranging from Brentford to Chelsea. You may read more about QPR’s main competitors in this article, such as Fulham, Millwall, and Crystal Palace. We’ll also look at some of the Rangers’ other illustrious rivalries.

Prepare yourself to hear about some of the soccer world’s fiercest rivalries!


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You won’t want to miss the heated rivalry between Brentford and Queens Park Rangers! This rivalry, which dates back to the early 1900s, is extremely proudly held by both teams. Since QPR and Brentford have been rivals for a long time, their matches have always been quite competitive. On occasion, the intense rivalry between the two teams has been known to blow up, resulting in tense clashes between players and supporters.

The rivalry between the two teams has always been fierce, and they have faced off in a number of competitions, including the League Cup and the FA Cup. For the fans of each side, the rivalry between the two is a source of pride and fervour. Both clubs are hungry to win and establish themselves as the superior squad in the region. When these two teams compete against one another, there will be no shortage of drama or excitement.


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A match against Fulham is always a tough one. The two London-based teams have been competitors since the early 20th century and are only four miles apart. The strong rivalry between these two sides, who have alternated between the top two levels of English football on several occasions, is always on display when they play.

Fulham has historically outperformed QPR, but the intensity of their rivalry has remained constant. Over the years, both teams have played in some memorable games, with Fulham winning the majority of them. Both clubs will be anxious to establish who is the better squad in London as the teams are scheduled to play again this season.


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QPR and Chelsea have a protracted rivalry that is centered in London. Since 1905, when the two teams first met, their rivalry has been strong, with both teams frequently competing for supremacy in the city. Since 2005, Chelsea has won the Premier League five times, while QPR has been relegated twice. Chelsea has been the dominant power in recent years.

The rivalry is frequently viewed as a struggle between the lower and upper classes, with QPR’s tiny support base on one side and billionaire Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich on the other. Both teams will certainly continue to compete for the title of top club in London for many more years.


Long-standing rivalry between Queens Park Rangers and Millwall is sure to keep London supporters on their toes. The two teams originally competed against one another in the 1950s, and the rivalry has endured ever since. Even though the clubs don’t play each other every season because they aren’t in the same division, the rivalry between the fans is still evident. Some of the aggressive behaviour that has occurred over the years has heightened the rivalry, and there have been a number of incidences that have led to disciplinary action being taken.

The most well-known of these came in 2009 when Millwall supporters attacked QPR players with coins and other items, forcing the game to be called off. The rivalry, one of the fiercest in English football, continues to provide supporters with pleasure despite the occasional flare-up. The energy between the two teams is high, thus a thrilling game is guaranteed.

Crystal Palace

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The rivalry between Crystal Palace and Millwall is one of the oldest and strongest in London football, despite the possibility that you haven’t heard of it. The rivalry between the two teams dates all the way back to the early 20th century. For more than a century, South London’s Crystal Palace and East London’s Millwall have fought it out for supremacy in their respective neighbourhoods.

The two clubs have a history of rivalry, and fan fighting frequently breaks out during games between them. When both teams were in the same division in the 1970s, the rivalry peaked, but since then, the intensity has slightly diminished. However, the rivalry between the two sides continues to be fierce and a significant event on the London football calendar.

Other notable rivalries involving Queens Park Rangers

Queens Park Rangers and Crystal Palace have a well-known rivalry, but did you know that they also have important rivalries with other teams? Their two biggest rivals in the past have been Watford and Luton Town. It comes as no surprise that games between both clubs consistently draw a sizable audience and produce an electric atmosphere given the extensive history between them.


Any meeting between QPR and Watford is a must-see event due to the two clubs’ long-standing rivalry. Over the years, the two teams have played each other in a number of thrilling matches, notably a nail-biting 2-2 tie during the 2008–09 Championship season. Both teams’ supporters have been known to turn out in force for these games, frequently generating a boisterous environment. A number of notable players, like Steve Palmer, Gavin Mahon, and Tommy Smith, have played for both teams, further escalating the rivalry between the two teams.

The 2009 Championship play-off semifinal was one of several significant matches in which the two teams faced off. The fact that Watford won that game in the end strengthened the rivalry between the two teams. Despite their hostility, both teams continue to treat one another with tremendous respect, and their matches are always exciting.

Luton Town

There is always lots of excitement when Luton Town and Watford compete since they have a bitter rivalry that dates back decades! The teams have a long history of rivalry, and Queens Park Rangers (QPR) have played Luton Town on occasion as well. The games between the two clubs have always been fiercely contested, despite the fact that both sides have had their fair share of victories and defeats.

The rivalry between QPR and Luton Town is one of the oldest in English football, and Luton Town supporters frequently use it as an opportunity to poke fun at QPR. Since the end of the 19th century, the two teams have faced off against one another, and the rivalry is still fierce today. Both QPR and Luton Town eagerly anticipate their upcoming matchup to determine whether team is superior.


It’s obvious that Queens Park Rangers and other teams have engaged in plenty of heated rivalries over the years. There have been plenty of contentious discussions and on-field confrontations, from their long-running rivalry with Brentford and Fulham to more recent rivalries with Chelsea and Millwall. Other famous rivalries include that between West Ham United and Watford, while Crystal Palace is also seen as a significant rival. These rivalries make for thrilling games every time, whether you’re rooting for or against QPR..

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