Swindon Town’s Biggest Competitors

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Are you a Swindon Town supporter? If so, you are already aware of the fierce rivalries that have grown between the team and a few of its rivals. We’ll examine some of their fiercest rivalries in this post, including those between Oxford United, Bristol Rovers, Reading, Bristol City, and Plymouth Argyle. We’ll also discuss some of Swindon Town’s other noteworthy rivalries.

Come along with us as we examine the heated rivalry that Swindon Town and their opponents have over the years!

Oxford United

Swindon Town and Oxford United have been bitter rivals for a long time, though you may not be aware of it. In Football League One, the two teams have a lengthy history of competition. Due to the fervent supporter bases of both teams, their rivalry frequently reaches a fever pitch. Although the history of the conflict is unknown, there is evidence that it began in the late 19th century. Since League One matches between the two teams have been common.

As both teams compete for position in the standings, their games are frequently high-stakes events. Swindon Town and Oxford United’s games are frequently rough and intense. Both teams’ supporters are notorious for fostering a hostile environment in the stadium during matches. As each side tries to out-cheer the other, this frequently creates a lively atmosphere. Off the pitch, there is also evidence of the rivalry between Swindon Town and Oxford

In the transfer market, the two sides frequently face off for the same players. This competition may result in a competitive bidding battle between the two teams as they vie for the services of the same player. There have been generations of enmity between Swindon Town and Oxford United. As both teams continue to compete for supremacy, it has only gotten stronger over time. The rivalry between the two sides will last for years to come in Football League One, whether it is on the pitch or in the transfer market.

Bristol Rovers

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Rivals The rivalry between Bristol Rovers and Swindon has a long history, with generations of ardent supporters of each club. One of the oldest and most successful clubs in English football, Rovers is situated in Bristol and has been playing football since 1883. Swindon Town, on the other hand, was founded in 1879, making it a more recent addition to the footballing globe. There have been many tight games that have characterized the rivalry between the two clubs. With Bristol Rovers’ promotion to League One in 2015, the rivalry’s ferocity has only gotten stronger in the years that followed.

Some of the most fervent and intense atmospheres in English football have been witnessed during games between the two clubs. Swindon has dominated games against Bristol Rovers in recent years. There have, however, been some notable victories for the Pirates, such as a thrilling 2-1 victory in 2012 in which Bristol Rovers overcame a deficit to earn the three points. There is a shared history between the two clubs, and over the years, managers and players have worn both jerseys.

Some of the most passionate and intense atmospheres in English football have been witnessed during games between the two clubs. Swindon has dominated games against Bristol Rovers in recent years. There have, however, been some notable victories for the Pirates, such as a thrilling 2-1 victory in 2012 in which Bristol Rovers overcame a deficit to earn the three points. There is a shared history between the two clubs, and over the years, managers and players have worn both jerseys.


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The English team Reading Football Club has a lengthy history and a dedicated following that has supported them through good times and bad. So, it comes as no surprise that Reading and Swindon Town have long-standing rivalries. Reading has won the Championship, while Swindon has won League One, thus both teams have enjoyed their share of success in the past. Over the years, this has caused numerous exciting confrontations between the two factions. In the 2009–10 season, one of the most significant rivalry matches between Swindon and Reading took place.

The stakes were high with Swindon fighting for League One survival and Reading vying for promotion to the Premier League. Swindon defeated Reading 3-1, a victory that would enable them maintain their position in English football’s third division. The rivalry between Swindon and Reading has only grown since that time. The two teams have faced off against one another in the FA Cup and the Carabao Cup in recent years, with Reading winning both matches.

Each team has competed against the other during the regular season in an effort to gain the upper hand. In their most recent match, which took place in the 2018–19 season, Swindon managed to escape with a 1–1 draw. The outcome only helped to intensify the rivalry between the two clubs after a thrilling encounter. The rivalry between Swindon and Reading will undoubtedly last for many years as each team strives to defeat the other. Future games are guaranteed to be entertaining because both sides have fervent supporters who will be rooting for their team to win.

Bristol City

Reading Football Club has long-standing rivalry with Bristol City, another venerable English team with fervent supporters. Bristol City has been a significant competitor for Swindon Town throughout their existence. There have been several noteworthy matches between the two teams, including one in the 2009 FA Cup. Ivan Sproule, a striker with Bristol City at the time, scored a late goal to tie the game at 1-1.

When both clubs were competing for promotion in the 2008–09 season, there was another big rivalry between the two teams. At the end of the season, Swindon was eventually promoted, but Bristol City missed the playoffs by just one point.  As a result, a second meeting between the two teams was necessary, this time in the League One playoffs. Swindon triumphed, winning 3-2 overall, but Bristol City mounted a late push and came close to reaching the championship game. The two teams engage in a variety of friendly games in addition to the competitive ones.

Both sets of fans, who always make the long trip, are eagerly anticipating these games. As a result, each stadium has an electrifying atmosphere, and the games are always played with enthusiasm. It’s obvious that Swindon Town and Bristol City have a heated rivalry, and both teams put up entertaining displays whenever they face off. One of the oldest rivalries in English football is still going strong and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon. Each time the two teams play, they eagerly anticipate the encounter and give it their all.

Plymouth Argyle

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Another team that Swindon has a long history of competing against is Plymouth Argyle, and the game between the two teams is always entertaining. They are two teams that have many things in common, including sharing a number of players over the years and being from the same region. Since the 1920s, when both teams were competing in the Southern League and later the Football League’s Third Division, this rivalry has been going on strong.

Over the years, there has been intense competition between the two teams, and both have seen moments of supremacy and promotion contention. It’s always exciting to see Plymouth Argyle and Swindon Town play. The outcome is never known until the final whistle since the two teams frequently play out an exciting game. The energy in the stadium is always high, and the supporters are eagerly anticipating the next match between the two teams.

The two teams’ rivalry is frequently viewed as a friendly one because both sets of fans respect each other and the clubs they root for. Past encounters between the two teams were memorable, with Swindon Town emerging victorious 4-3 in the FA Cup in 1996. As a historic cup match between two teams that gave it their all, this game will be remembered for years to come.  Another important matchup between the two teams occurred in the League Cup in 2002, with Plymouth Argyle winning 3-1.

The rivalry between the two teams has produced some great encounters throughout the years and is expected to last for many more. The rivalry between Swindon Town and Plymouth Argyle will undoubtedly become legendary. A lot of thrills and excitement will undoubtedly be provided by this thrilling rivalry between two sides that share many characteristics in the years to come. It will continue for years to come because both sides have experienced their share of success.

Other notable rivalries involving Swindon Town

Cardiff City, a Welsh team you may not be familiar with, is one of Swindon Town’s main competitors. The two teams have a long and illustrious history together, and they have played many memorable games. Swindon Town and Cardiff City have one of the most intense rivalries in the area.

Cardiff City

You best be prepared for some intense confrontations when Swindon Town and Cardiff City meet because they have been longtime rivals. Over the years, the two teams have engaged in a number of fierce confrontations, with Swindon Town frequently emerging victorious. While both teams have seen success at various times, Swindon Town has frequently held the upper hand.

The two teams’ rivalry has grown through time, and each time they play one another, the contests get more intense. Although both groups of supporters have the utmost regard for one another, when they face off on the pitch, they are fiercely competitive. Despite their rivalry, the two fan bases nevertheless get along well and frequently look forward to the games with enthusiasm.


You’ve found out about Swindon Town’s biggest rivalries over the years, including games against Oxford United, Reading, and even Bristol City. The heated rivalry between Swindon and Plymouth Argyle, however, is unmatched by any of these. This rivalry is so special because no matter the result of the game, you can be sure that both teams will give it their all. Every match between these two sides will undoubtedly be exciting, regardless of the outcome.

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