The Ultimate Guide to the Fastest Goals in Premier League History

The Ultimate Guide to the Fastest Goals in Premier League History

The Premier League is known for its thrilling matches and incredible goals, but some goals stand out for their lightning-fast speed. In this ultimate guide, we will explore the top 10 fastest goals in Premier League history and the records of goals scored associated with them. Today, we’ll discover some of the fastest goals in the history of the top flight English football.

Now, let’s find out more details about when the early goal in Premier league history was scored.

What are the top 5 fastest goals to be scored in the Premier League history?

Let’s start with the fastest goal on our list, which was scored by Shane Long in an astonishing time of 7.69 seconds. This remarkable feat was achieved during a match between Southampton and Watford. Following closely behind is the goal by Ledley King, who scored in just 9.82 seconds. Alan Shearer completes the top three with a goal in 10.52 seconds.

Who holds the league record for the fastest goal in Premier League history?

Philip Billing holds the record for the fastest goal in Premier League history, scoring in an incredible 10.54 seconds. This record was set during a match between Bournemouth and Arsenal, leaving the opposing goalkeeper stunned.

Which teams were involved in the fastest Premier League goal?

The fastest Premier League goal was scored during a match between Bournemouth and Arsenal. Bournemouth’s lightning-fast attack caught Arsenal off guard, resulting in a goal that will be remembered in Premier League history.

What other records are there for fast goals in the Premier League?

While Shane Long, Ledley King, and Alan Shearer hold the top three spots for the fastest goals in Premier League history, there are other noteworthy records. Christian Eriksen scored a goal in just 9.11 seconds, Bradford City managed to find the back of the net in 10.16 seconds, and Southampton recorded a goal in 12.16 seconds.

Are there any players who have scored faster goals than the fastest Premier League goal?

No, when it comes to the Premier League, the fastest goal ever scored is the fastest goal. Philip Billing’s incredible goal in 10.54 seconds remains unmatched, making it a remarkable feat in the history of the Premier League.

Has anyone scored a goal in less than 10 seconds in the Premier League?

No, the fastest goal in the Premier League is 10.52 seconds, scored by the legendary Alan Shearer. While many players have come close, no one has surpassed this impressive record.

Top 5 Fastest Goals In Premier League History

Do you ever wish you could watch a football match at lightning speed? Well, these five players have managed to do just that! From Ledley King, who scored in 10.9 seconds, to Xabi Alonso, who scored in 13.2 seconds, these five players have scored some of the fastest goals in Premier League history. Let’s take a look at these five record-breaking goals and the players who achieved them.

Ledley King – 10.9 Seconds

Ledley King’s record-breaking goal in just 10.9 seconds is one of the fastest goals in Premier League history! In December 2000, King scored the fastest goal of the Premier League era after just 10.9 seconds. The goal was scored against Bradford City at White Hart Lane, the home of Tottenham Hotspur.

King’s goal was a powerful header from a corner-kick taken by teammate Stephen Clemence. The goal was part of a 4-0 rout of Bradford City. King’s record-breaking goal was celebrated by his teammates and the fans. The record stood for 18 years until it was broken by Shane Long in 2019. King’s goal is still remembered as one of the greatest moments of the Premier League.

Alan Shearer – 11.9 Seconds

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Breaking records in no time, Alan Shearer scored a remarkable goal in just 11.9 seconds – one of the quickest ever seen! Furthermore, this is second-fastest goal scored in the league’s history. Shearer’s feat came during a 2002 Premier League match between Newcastle United and Everton. His goal was a result of a misdirected clearance from the Everton goalkeeper which Shearer pounced on to score from just inside the area. This goal is widely regarded as one of the fastest in Premier League history and is the second quickest, behind Ledley King’s 10.9 second strike. 

Shearer was renowned for his technique and had a knack for finding the back of the net, so it was no surprise that he was able to score in such a short amount of time. His speed and agility were also instrumental in him being able to get on the end of the clearance and score. Shearer’s goal proved to be a crucial one as Newcastle went on to win the match 3-2. His goal stands as a testament to his remarkable skill and shows that even the quickest of goals can make a huge difference in a match.

Mark Viduka – 12.8 Seconds

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Mark Viduka made his mark on Premier League history with his 12.8 second goal – one of the quickest ever seen! The Australian forward achieved the feat during a match between Leeds United and Charlton Athletic in 2000. Viduka received the ball from teammate David Hopkin, before unleashing an unstoppable shot from outside the box. The ball flew into the back of the net, leaving the keeper with no chance. Viduka achieved the feat at a time when Leeds United were challenging for honours in the Premier League.

He was part of a talented squad that included the likes of Harry Kewell, Rio Ferdinand and Robbie Keane. The goal was a testament to the attacking capabilities of the team, and it also highlighted Viduka’s impressive speed and skill. The goal may not have been as memorable as Alan Shearer’s 11.9 second strike, but it was still an impressive feat. Viduka’s goal is still remembered fondly by Leeds United fans, and it remains one of the fastest goals in Premier League history.

Sadio Mane – 13 Seconds

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND – MARCH 07: Sadio Mane of Liverpool celebrates after scoring his team’s second goal during the Premier League match between Liverpool FC and AFC Bournemouth at Anfield on March 07, 2020 in Liverpool, United Kingdom. (Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images)

Sadio Mane’s incredible 13-second strike against Aston Villa in 2019 is a feat that will be remembered by Liverpool fans for years to come. Mane was able to get the ball past the Villa defense in only a few seconds, capitalizing on a poor back pass by the opposing team. The Senegalese striker rocketed the ball into the net, leaving the Villa goalkeeper with no chance to respond.

The goal set the record for the fastest goal in Premier League history and cemented Mane’s status as one of the league’s premier attackers. This incredible strike was just one of many highlights in Mane’s career at Liverpool, and one that will remain in the annals of Premier League history for years to come.

Xabi Alonso – 13.2 Seconds

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Just 0.2 seconds behind Sadio Mane is Xabi Alonso with his own incredible strike against Newcastle United in 2006. The Spanish midfielder took the ball from the center of the field and, in a matter of seconds, fired a strike into the back of the net. The goal was so quick that the Newcastle United players weren’t even able to react in time to try to stop it.

Alonso’s goal was timed at 13.2 seconds, claiming second place in the list of the fastest goals in Premier League history. It was also an important goal for Liverpool, who went on to win the match 3-0. Alonso’s goal is a testament to his skill and accuracy as a player, and his ability to score quickly and decisively. His strike will remain a memorable moment in Premier League history.

Conclusion of Fastest Goals of Premier League History

From Ledley King’s record-breaking 10.9 second goal to Xabi Alonso’s 13.2 second strike, these five goals make up some of the fastest goals in Premier League history. While the speed of these goals is impressive, what’s even more incredible is the skill and precision that went into each of them. These goals are a testament to the raw talent and dedication of the players involved, and a reminder of why the Premier League is one of the most competitive leagues in the world. Will there be any record of the quickest goal in 2023 Premier league game, we’ll see!

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