Vieira urges revolutionary change because “the door is closed to black managers.”

Patrick Vieira
Photo: Shutterstock

In order to address the severe lack of black managers in English football, Patrick Vieira thinks a severe change may need to be taken into consideration. The manager of Crystal Palace is the only person of color in both men’s and women’s football in England’s top flight.

Only 4% of Premier League and EFL managers were dark skinned, according to a study done in October, which is not in line with the fact that 43% of players in the top division are black.

The NFL in America follows the “Rooney Rule,” which mandates that teams interview candidates from racial and ethnic minorities first for head coaching and senior football operations positions.

While the former France and Arsenal midfielder Vieira does not necessarily support that strategy, he does note that such measures may be necessary in English football.

At the Financial Times Business of Football summit, Viera stated, “Looking at the number of minorities or black players we have, and seeing how few are staying in the game is difficult to understand.

“Although there are more black coaches in the NBA and NFL, I don’t think that is the best solution. You should choose a manager based on the qualities your club values in a manager.

But perhaps that is the first step we can take if it can advance things. Over time, I hope owners will base their choices on what the manager can accomplish for the team.

I have heard a lot of excuses, such as former players not wanting to complete their badges, but this is untrue. They are awaiting a chance to act as they please, but the door is closed.”

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