Watford’s Biggest Competitors

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Do you support Watford? If so, you are aware of the team’s fierce rivalry. Watford supporters know how to get fired up about rivalries, whether they be with Luton Town, Crystal Palace, Queens Park Rangers, Millwall, or Reading. There are plenty other rivalries surrounding Watford, though, that you should be aware of. We’ll examine these rivalries in more detail in this piece and discover why Watford supporters’ value them so highly.

Get ready to learn more about the rivalries that have made Watford so popular and discover why they have played such a significant role in the team’s history.

Luton Town

There is no rivalry quite as acrimonious as that between Watford and Luton Town; the two teams just can’t seem to get along! Since their first encounter in 1896, the two teams have been competing against one another, and their hostility has only gotten worse with time. Due to the proximity of the two clubs, this rivalry is so fierce that games between Watford and Luton are referred to as the “M1 Derby.” Over the years, the two teams have faced off in various noteworthy matches, with the FA Cup game in 2001 being one of the most well-known. This time, Watford triumphed after a thrilling 3-2 victory over Luton.

Because the game was so passionate, stewards and police had to separate the supporters of the two teams. Even the players from Watford and Luton can’t stand each other due to their intense rivalry. Ikechi Anya of Watford and Scott Rendell of Luton got into a fight during a game in 2012, and Anya was given a red card as a result. This led to a significant altercation between the two teams, and the police were eventually called to calm things down. Watford and Luton’s rivalry are so intense that it has even permeated other sports.

Rugby match between Watford and Luton in 2014 was disrupted by a number of altercations. The referee had to call an early end to this game because it was getting so heated. There is no question that the rivalry between Watford and Luton will intensify over the years. Both teams are adamant about establishing their superiority and are prepared to go to any lengths to win. Whatever the outcome, one thing is for certain: these two teams’ rivalry will always exist.

Crystal Palace

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Due to their long-standing rivalry, Watford and Crystal Palace are very tense with one another. They have competed against one another in cup competitions including the FA Cup and League Cup, the Premier League, the Championship, and other leagues. Since the 1990s, the two clubs have been competing for supremacy in English football’s top division. The competition has gotten even more heated in recent years. Matches between the two clubs have frequently had a lot on the line as Watford and Crystal Palace have been vying for the same Premier League berths. A 1-1 draw occurred in the two teams’ most recent meeting during the 2020–2021 Premier League season.

The atmosphere at the matches has always been electrifying. Both sets of supporters are fervent about their respective teams and are never absent from the stadium. When the two teams play, the stadium always seems to be buzzing with excitement, and the fans have been known to trade insults and slurs. Watford and Crystal Palace’s rivalry is also clear in the transfer market. The two clubs sometimes engage in fierce bidding battles for the same players. 

This has also led to some of the largest transactions in the histories of both clubs. Without a doubt, Watford and Crystal Palace will continue to compete against one another for many years to come. Because both teams have ardent supporters, games between the two teams frequently appear to bring out the best in each side. one time the two teams play one other, who have a long history of rivalry, it seems to bring out the best in them. The rivalry between Watford and Crystal Palace will undoubtedly provide plenty of exciting moments for followers of both teams for many years to come.

Queens Park Rangers

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In a long-running rivalry of their own, Queens Park Rangers and Crystal Palace battle it out ferociously to earn a place in the Premier League. With a history dating back to the 1960s, the rivalry between the two London clubs is well-known. The rivalry between Watford and QPR is equally heated, and over the years, the two teams have faced off in a number of fierce games. Both Watford and QPR have devoted followings that are constantly willing to support their teams. Both sets of fans create a passionate environment in the stands, displaying the animosity between Watford and QPR. The rivalry between Watford and QPR has been crucial to both teams’ success.

Watford have had the edge in recent years, with the team finishing higher in the league table than QPR in recent seasons. QPR have often been seen as the underdogs in the rivalry, but they’ve been able to cause some upsets over the years. This has made the rivalry between Watford and QPR even more exciting. The two teams have also had some classic encounters in the past, with Watford enjoying a number of memorable victories over QPR. In the 2015/16 season, Watford won a thrilling 5-2 victory over QPR at Vicarage Road. This was arguably one of the best matches between the two teams in recent years.

The rivalry between Watford and QPR has seen many memorable incidents throughout the course of the two teams’ history, and it still plays a significant role in the success of both clubs. The ongoing rivalry between Watford and QPR is always fiercely disputed, and it is expected to last for years to come. In recent years, the two teams have been aggressively vying for a spot in the Premier League, and this rivalry adds to the excitement of the games. The rivalry between Watford and QPR will only intensify in the years to come. The two teams have played in some memorable games over the years.


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Over the years, Millwall and QPR have played some intense games against one another, with both teams motivated to win their rivalry. Since 1907, the two London-based teams have faced off against one another, and the Watford-Millwall rivalry has grown to be one of the most acrimonious in English sport. Both teams have seen some degree of success, with Quees Park Rangers winning the Championship in 2011 and Millwall winning the FA Cup in 2004. The two teams’ animosity has been so fierce that a match between them in 2002 had to be postponed because of security issues.

There have been some contentious episodes involving the rivalry, such as when QPR supporters tossed a flare onto the pitch during a match between the two teams in 2013. The games between the two teams are always hotly contested, with each side striving to win. The rivalry games between the two clubs have grown in popularity, and the atmosphere is always electrifying. Over the years, the two teams have forged a close relationship, with both sides appreciating the significance of their rivalry.

In addition to league matches, Millwall and QPR have also competed against one another in cup tournaments, with each team seeking to outdo the other. Over the years, the rivalry between Millwall and QPR has produced some intense games, with both teams fervently hoping to win. It’s a rivalry that has led to strong bonds between the two clubs and some of the most hotly contested games in English football. The rivalry between Millwall and QPR will continue to bring out the best in both sides, whether it is in league games or cup competitions.


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When Reading and Watford play one another, you can feel the tension between the two teams as they compete for supremacy. When Watford initially entered the English Football League in 1980, the two teams began a storied rivalry. They have faced off against one another countless times in league, League Cup, and FA Cup matches since then. Both teams have been vying for superiority in this fierce rivalry. Reading has historically held the advantage, winning 13 of their previous 21 games in all competitions.

However, Watford has also seen some success, with 11 victories and 7 ties. The FA Cup Fourth Round meeting between the two sides in 2012 is among the most famous of their memorable games. Early in the second half, Watford grabbed a two-goal lead, but Reading rallied late to tie the score and force a penalty shootout. In the end, reading triumphed in a dramatic fashion. The rivalry between the two clubs is nothing new to heated feelings, and it has only gotten worse over time. Watford supporters have a history of being devoted to their team and supporting them when they play Reading.

The same is true for Reading’s supporters, who have consistently been outspoken in their backing of their team versus Watford. Goals, drama, and passion are prevalent in the games between the two clubs because they have always been competitive. The games are always fiercely contested because both teams are keen to establish themselves as the superior squad. Whatever the outcome, when two sides clash, you can sense the electricity between them. It’s a rivalry that will undoubtedly last for many more years.

Other notable rivalries involving Watford

The biggest rivalries between Watford and other teams may be ones you are already aware with, but there are many more. With their neighbourhood rivals, Brighton & Hove Albion, Watford has one of its most intense rivalries. The long-standing rivalry between Watford and Arsenal is another of their fiercest rivals. The games between these two teams are a must-watch for every football fan due to the fact that both of these rivalries have produced some genuinely unforgettable encounters.

Brighton & Hove Albion

Having competed against each other in the Championship and Premier League for many years, Brighton & Hove Albion and Watford have a heated rivalry. In their previous Championship playoff encounter, Watford prevailed in the 2006–2007 campaign. Since then, they’ve played in a number of memorable Premier League games, the most recent of which ended in a 1-1 draw during the 2017–2018 campaign.

Each squad strives to surpass the other in the standings as their rivalry between the two teams has grown. Supporters of Watford frequently refer to Brighton as “The Seagulls,” whereas those of Brighton call Watford “The Hornets.” It’s a rivalry that has existed since the turn of the millennium and appears certain to last for a very long time.


There are many Premier League teams with which Arsenal has a long-standing rivalry, but none more so than Tottenham Hotspur, who are located in London. But Watford and Arsenal have their own rivalry that has intensified over time. The matches between the teams have been fierce on multiple occasions in the Premier League.

Watford shocked the Gunners by defeating them 2-1 in their most recent encounter in 2019. The win enjoyed by Watford supporters will be cherished for years to come. Despite having comparable records against one another, Arsenal has the better overall record. Watford, though, has achieved several noteworthy victories, and the rivalry between the two teams only increases.


In general, Watford supporters have enjoyed a lot of enjoyable rivalries over the years. There has always been a passionate rivalry between Watford and one of their rivals, whether it be the regional rivalry with Luton Town, the “M25 Derby” with Crystal Palace, the “West London Derby” with Queens Park Rangers, the “New Den Derby” with Millwall or the “Royals Derby” with Reading. Therefore, the next time you visit Watford, be sure to prepare ready to support the Hornets and take part in the excitement of the city’s fiercest rivalries.

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