Barnsley’s Biggest Competitors

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Barnsley is a city with a long history in football. If you support Barnsley, you are aware of the team’s fair share of historical rivalries. We’ll examine some of Barnsley’s top competitors in this post, including Sheffield Wednesday, Leeds United, Sheffield United, Huddersfield Town, and Nottingham Forest. We’ll also look at some of Barnsley’s other illustrious rivalries.

So, take a seat, and prepare to discover everything there is to know about the teams that Barnsley despises!

Sheffield Wednesday

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You know there’s no greater rivalry than Barnsley and Sheffield Wednesday – it’s been going on for years! These two teams have a long history of competing against each other, and their battles never fail to draw in huge crowds from both sides of the city. Barnsley’s biggest rivalries are with Sheffield Wednesday, and the games between them are always highly anticipated.

Due to the intense rivalry between the two teams, their games are frequently intense and emotional. The two teams’ animosity is so intense that it even surpasses that of other football rivalries. Two of South Yorkshire’s best football teams are commonly regarded as being Barnsley and Sheffield Wednesday, and their games are always exciting to watch.

Leeds United

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Experience the excitement of a heated battle between Leeds United and their longtime rival! Since both clubs have been fierce rivals for years, you can anticipate a fiery environment when they square off. Both teams have a large number of supporters ready to support their teams, and both teams have talented players who can excite the crowd.

You won’t want to miss the atmosphere since matches between Leeds United and Barnsley are notorious for being exciting. With both teams eager to win, you can anticipate a game full of drama and suspense. For everyone involved, it is going to be an unforgettable experience.

Sheffield United

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Since Sheffield United and Leeds United have long been bitter rivals, any matchup between them is sure to be tense. The animosity is equally as intense for Barnsley supporters, and the proximity of the two teams and their shared past only heightens the conflict.

Regardless of the stadium where they are played, games between these two teams frequently produce an intense atmosphere from both sets of fans. The clubs have competed for the same trophies throughout their individual histories, adding another level of rivalry and enmity to the mix. It has been an ongoing rivalry for many years, and each side strives to win every time they face off.

Huddersfield Town

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For many years, Huddersfield Town and Barnsley have been strong rivals, with each team wanting to win every time they square off. Despite not playing in the same division, the two teams have a fierce rivalry because of their close vicinity. Games involving the two teams have frequently acquired added significance for fans. The rivalry between Barnsley and Huddersfield Town is an important element of Barnsley’s long and illustrious history in English football.

In their history, the two teams have faced off over 100 times, with Barnsley holding the advantage in the overall head-to-head record with 42 victories to Huddersfield’s 36. When they last faced up, in 2019, Barnsley prevailed 1-0. This most recent outcome demonstrated the rivalry’s combative nature, as both sides gave it their all to prevail. For many more years to come, Barnsley and Huddersfield Town will continue to compete against one another.

Nottingham Forest

You can sense the rivalry between Barnsley and Nottingham Forest because they have faced off against one other repeatedly over the years every time, they hit the field. This rivalry has existed for a while and extends back to the time when both teams competed in different league games. Since the two sides have faced off against one another so regularly, Barnsley now holds a slight advantage due to more victories.

Each team strives to exceed the other, therefore the games between the two are always hotly contested. Both sides are known for having passionate supporters that constantly contribute to making the games exciting. Despite not being as heated as some of Barnsley’s other rivals, the games between Barnsley and Nottingham Forest nevertheless offer fierce competition.

Other notable rivalries involving Barnsley

In addition to their rivalry with Nottingham Forest, the supporters of Barnsley Football Club are fiercely competitive towards Bradford City and Rotherham United. The games between these two teams, who have long been Barnsley’s opponents, have always been eagerly awaited. Every time these three teams compete, the atmosphere will be electric since local bragging rights are on the line.

Bradford City

Feel the tension in the air as you witness the fiery rivalry between Barnsley and Bradford City! This rivalry has been present for decades, with matches between the two Yorkshire clubs receiving much attention from both sets of fans. Despite the teams not meeting as often as in the past, the rivalry is still strong between them.

There is a sense of excitement and expectation when the two teams face off because both clubs have ardent fan groups that take great pleasure in their teams. It’s not unusual to hear and see both teams’ fans joking around and chanting before to the game. This rivalry has ingrained itself into Barnsley’s history and culture, and it is likely to endure for a very long time.

Rotherham United

Experience the intense rivalry between Barnsley and Rotherham United—two teams who take pride in representing their communities and fostering a strong fan base! Games between these two teams frequently have tight, combustible atmospheres, and their proximity only heightens the situation.

It is not surprising that this rivalry has endured for so long because each squad is keen to establish their superiority. One of Barnsley’s major opponents is Rotherham United, with whom they have clashed frequently over the years. No of the result, it’s always an exciting match to watch because of the two fervent fan bases and the intense rivalry.


Now you’ve seen the top competitors of Barnsley and what makes them unique. The Tykes have fierce rivalries with Sheffield Wednesday, Leeds United, Sheffield United, Huddersfield Town, and Nottingham Forest. More teams might inspire a competitive spirit in the fans, even though these are among the bigger teams that Barnsley has rivalries with. Barnsley will always be competitive and want to win, regardless of the opponent.

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