Bayern manager Tuchel says Bayern didn’t deserve the loss; Pep Guardiola “emotionally crushed” following victory for Man City

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Following Man City’s 3-0 victory against Bayern Munich last night, Pep Guardiola admitted he was “emotionally shattered”; Thomas Tuchel believed his team didn’t deserve to lose the match.

Guardiola’s team took the lead against the German champions in the first half on a curling long-range drive from Rodri. After the break, Bernardo Silva headed in a second goal, and Erling Haaland added a third as City advanced to the Champions League semifinals.

When asked about a “comfortable” victory, Guardiola said, “It was not at all comfortable. I’ve lost all emotional control! It was a really difficult game. For 55 to 60 minutes, the game was close, and they occasionally outperformed us. They improved right away in the second half. We were unable to stop them. But after making a change, we improved. It is a remarkable outcome. But to mitigate the suffering a little bit, we must take action in Munich. We’ll attempt to accomplish it.

I have visited there frequently. This squad is unique, I know that. You need two outstanding performances to defeat these elite teams.”

Tuchel: “It won’t be over until we take a shower!”

Despite the uneven result, Bayern manager Tuchel, who took over for Julian Nagelsmann, and last night being just his third game, believed his team was unlucky to lose.

“This doesn’t seem like a 3-0, but it is, and turning this around will be a massive, huge effort.”, Tuchel insisted that they would not give up.

“Until we go in the shower, it won’t be over.” Rodri’s game-opening goal was cited by Tuchel as proof of his team’s bad luck.

The Bayern manager remarked, “If City gets this type of goal, it gets really, really difficult. The first half had a terrific response. It became much better in the second half. The reverse occurred during the time when the goal could have given us a tremendous confidence boost.”

He considered the mistake of Upamecano as the decisive point.

“When we were in the lead, the second goal changed the momentum. It was an individual error, poor judgment, and harshness at the top of the world of football. This error shouldn’t happen at this level in this area of the field. It’s obvious that our efforts went unrewarded.”

When are the next games?

The second leg will begin at 8 p.m. on Wednesday, April 19, in Munich. But on Saturday at the Etihad Stadium, kickoff is at 5.30 p.m., Manchester City will play host to Leicester City, who have returned to the Premier League.

On Saturday, at 2: 30 p.m., Bayern Munich will face Hoffenheim in the Bundesliga.

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