In a vicious post-game tirade, Spain and Man City star Rodri calls Scotland’s game “rubbish”

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As Spain suffered a shocking 2-0 loss, Man City star Rodri blasted Scotland for playing “rubbish” football. For the first time in 39 years, Scotland defeated the 2010 World Cup champions thanks to two goals from Scott McTominay.

The City star criticized his rivals for wasting time during their Euro 2024 qualifying match.

“I find it to be a little pointless because it constantly wastes time. They provoke you. They invariably stumble. For me, this is not football. The referee must participate in this but obviously, he did not. We want to win, and they wasted time, so it’s irritating. They do, however, have their weapons and strategies, and we will remember this for the next time.”

Scotland itself was not amused by Spain’s antics and accused them of staging tumbles on the ground and wasting time.

One famous example had Pedro Porro rolling in pain following a collision for which Andy Robertson was given a yellow card, with Joselu dramatically falling twice in the box.

The midfielder responded, “No, we want to go into combat and we always fight but this is not about fighting,” in response to the question of whether his own squad was guilty of losing too easily.

Although McTominay accepted some game playing, he believed both teams were at fault. He said, “I feel like everyone on the field was at it, falling about, slowing the game. In terms of everyone getting up and moving on with minor fouls, it wasn’t really a clean game.”

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