Things About Usain Bolt That Will Definitely Shock You

Image Source: Getty Images/ Ezra Shaw

Usain Bolt runs too quickly for anyone to catch up with him. Even the camera must occasionally slow the frame in order to keep up. 

Bolt, though, has several qualities that may amaze people. If you’re a keen fan of him and believe you know everything about him, we’ve compiled a list of things we’re sure you didn’t know.

  • Bolt holds the 100-meter speed record with a time of 9.58 seconds
  • He suffers from scoliosis but hasn’t let it affect his performance
  • Bolt still exclusively trains within Jamaica
  • He had indicated a wish to play for Manchester United, and the club later requested his participation in an exhibition game
  • He is the first Olympic 100m gold medalist to win three in a row
  • He has never run a mile at once
  • His primary passion was cricket
  • The world’s fastest animal, a cheetah, has been adopted by him
  • Bolt enjoys playing the video game Call of Duty
  • He consumed 1000 chicken nuggets in Beijing in 2008
  • When the race begins, he is slower than most of his other competitors
  • Bolt runs at his fastest between 60 and 80 meters in the race
  • Because of his height, he can run 100 meters in less time because of his long strides
  •  He chooses 200-meter races over 100-meter ones. Bolt chose the 100m to avoid having to perform lengthy sprints

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