2023 French Open: Nick Kyrgios will not compete following a foot injury during a burglary home invasion

Image Source: Shuttterstock

Nick Kyrgios will not compete in the 2023 French Open after hurting his foot during a suspected burglary at his home.

According to police, the Australian’s mother in Canberra was forced to give over her car at gunpoint earlier this month. After having knee surgery in January, Kyrgios, 28, has not yet played this season.

The player injured the side of his left foot during the home invasion, and his agent Daniel Horsfall told Reuters, “We don’t know how this happened.” Horsfall speculated that Kyrgios could have injured himself while racing around his home in response to hearing his mother in distress.

Horsfall continued by describing Kyrgios’ discomfort: “He couldn’t go on the court because every time he put a shoe on, it rubbed against the injury and moved, the wound re-opened. As far as we’re concerned, his knee is actually in excellent form, and the surgery went perfectly.”

“His level of fitness is outstanding. Just as we were finishing up the rehab, during the on-court loading, this bizarre event took place.”

Horsfall noted that Kyrgios had been out for “around two and a half weeks” due to the injury. 

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