After Fury controversy, Usyk’s team issues worrisome unclear tweets with the words “Sorry to our supporters.”

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Boxing fans were alarmed by tweets sent by Oleksandr Usyk’s promoter Alex Krassyuk and management Egis Klimas on Friday night.

Representatives for the heavyweight champion raised questions from fans about the uncertain future of Tyson Fury’s undisputed battle.

The two boxers’ teams were having trouble agreeing on a little over a week ago, making it unclear to anybody whether the fight will take place.

Ukrainian fighter Usyk surprised agreed to Fury’s shocking public offer of a 70/30 pay split in his favour after initially preferring a 50/50 arrangement.

Fury and Usyk’s reps started working towards finalising the contracts after the financial arrangements were agreed upon between the two fighters.

But a week has gone, so when is everything going to become clear?

Usyk’s management has stated in front of the press that they do not believe the fight will take place, as concerns have grown about Fury’s motivations for the fight.

However, Fury’s UK co-promoter Frank Warren has vowed that it would succeed and gave a significant clue over the weekend.

This past Friday night, Usyk’s PR team released more unsettling remarks. Krassyuk tweeted mysteriously, “Much ado over nothing… The monkey business and the rat race.”

Klimas provided an update, stating that they had hired British advisors to handle requests from Fury’s team.

“The deeper we go, the greater the possibility of pulling the plug,” he later tweeted. “Sorry to all of our supporters!”

Krassyuk spoke on Oleksandr Usyk’s treatment from Fury’s side: “They’re still treating him as like they treated Derek Chisora or Dillian Whyte. “They act as though everyone must follow Fury’s rules since they believe it’s simply another typical Fury fight in the UK.

On April 29th it will be known if this conflict is going to take place, or it will be cancelled”.

Usyk, though, shared his stance on the situation this past Saturday.

“The points for the agreement were delivered to Fury’s side,” he tweeted. “The date is fixed. The time is running out. The initiative now belongs to #Greedybelly. @Tyson_Fury, we tried everything we could to make it happen.”

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