Ben Duckett, England’s starting pitcher in the 2023 Ashes, hopes for “persistent” series

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Ben Duckett, an English batsman and England starter, says he hopes this summer’s Ashes series to be “persistent.”

The 28-year-old was part of the team for the winter series against Pakistan and New Zealand in 2022 after making his Test debut in 2016.

Duckett is set to play in his debut Ashes series, which begins on June 16 at Edgbaston, following successful appearances as an aggressive opener. “The amount of buzz surrounding the series is very great,” he remarked.

With an aggressive and entertaining strategy that has seen captain Ben Stokes win 10 of his 12 matches in command, England has revived its Test form during the past 12 months.

And Duckett claimed that the excitement for the upcoming Ashes was greatly influenced by their manner. 

“I believe people are seeing it as England having a tremendous potential to turn the Aussies over. It’s incredibly thrilling because of the way we performed in the winter and because of their strong form. I’ll be over the moon if I receive the go-ahead for an Ashes series.”

Before the first Ashes Test, Australia, the top-ranked team in the world, will play in the World Test Championship final at The Oval. However, according to England bowler Ollie Robinson, in home circumstances, England might “give them a fair hiding.”

He is currently one of the top bowlers in the world, and according to Duckett, he will back himself to dismiss any of them (Australia) at any time.

“I’m hoping for one of those persistent series. Franchise cricket has a lot of players that play with one another today, so it’s a little friendlier than it was 10 or 15 years ago, but I can’t think that they’ll come in and be kind to us. As the upcoming months go, I’m sure there will be a lot more discussion surrounding it and I’m sure the Aussies will be responding to what he [Robinson] stated.”

Additionally, he says England will have the “greatest chance” of winning with their daring brand of cricket. The Nottinghamshire player continued, “I’ll leave the declarations and decision-making to him since he’s gone alright with it so far.

The bowling attack of Australia is perhaps the finest in the world, but we’ll have our ways of scoring against them that won’t be too different from what you saw from us throughout the winter.”

During the winter, Duckett was a standout at the top of the order. He scored his first Test century against Pakistan in the first Test at Rawalpindi and added four further runs of at least 50 in the next four games. Although the weather in England was different, Duckett was certain that he would maintain his aggressive approach.

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