Ivan Toney: After a suspension, Brentford manager believes the striker will remain at club

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After the striker received an eight-month suspension from football, Brentford manager Thomas Frank thinks Ivan Toney’s future is with the club and pledges that they “will do everything to be there for him.”

Toney was found to be breaching FA betting regulations and was given a suspension and £50,000 fine.

Before January 2024, the 27-year-old will not be permitted to play again. ”I’ve spoken to him,’ He’s dissatisfied and upset about the situation,” Frank added. “There is no denying that Brentford will be in his future.”

Toney’s punishment begins right away, but four months before it expires on September 17, he may rejoin Brentford for training. “We are awaiting the details so we can decide what to do. What he is permitted to do, particularly during the first four months,” Frank continued.

“One thing is for certain: we will go above and above to assist him and be there for him. Although he has made mistakes, we must and do want to support him and aid him. We simply need to be aware of our rights. Ivan is a football player, but he is also a human being with a wife, small children, a mother and a father, siblings, and friends.”

Between February 25, 2017, and January 23, 2021, Toney committed 232 violations for which he was held responsible while playing for Scunthorpe United, Wigan Athletic, Peterborough United, and Brentford.

Although Toney’s FA suspension began immediately, Frank claimed that a hamstring injury would have prevented the forward from playing in the club’s last two games of the season against Tottenham and Manchester City. 

Toney has scored 20 goals in 33 Premier League appearances this season.

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