Rumours: PSG on the hunt for Bernardo Silva

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As the summer transfer window approaches, PSG is already weighing its options regarding new player transfers, and in particular, a very important player has caught the eye of the Parisian bosses: Bernardo Silva

As revealed by French news outlet, PSG is making the Portuguese player one of its top priorities. PSG is currently preparing contract options for its targets when the summer transfer window opens, and behind the scenes, Luis Campos is already hard at work in his attempt to rebuild the 2023-2024 squad.

The Portuguese manager has been very active in recent weeks to observe players personally and strengthen his team, and he already has an idea of just what positions are missing strong players. 

A strong bond with manager Luis Campos

Discovered by Luis Campos, Bernardo Silva first rose to fame at AS Monaco. Although he signed for Manchester City after a historic ASM title in 2017, the striker has always kept a very strong bond with Luis Campos. 

At PSG, Mbappé also wants Silva as a teammate

PSG does have several aces under its sleeve when it comes to Silva. One is Luis Campos and Kylian Mbappé also has stated that he’s keen for Silva to become his teammate. revealed last summer that Manchester City’s refusal to let Silva go prevented the Portuguese’s move from happening last August, even though Silva had made it clear he wanted to leave City. 

PSG was undoubtedly a possibility for him at that time, even though the move can still happen, even a year later. 

PSG has also changed its stance

PSG is doing everything it can to please Kylian Mbappé, who will continue to be a Parisian for the upcoming season. Additionally, based on the information we have, the club is doing everything it can to attract Silva and make the move possible.

The Parisian team has taken action to let the Portuguese know what they intend to do, although it’s currently unknown whether PSG has yet approached Manchester City directly or through Bernardo Silva’s agent, Jorge Mendes. 

Silva also wants to trade Manchester for another destination

At the age of 28, Bernardo Silva is wrapping up his sixth season at Manchester City. The Portuguese is most likely starting to think about leaving the North of England if he crosses the threshold of 200 Premier League appearances.

5Times‘ understanding is that the former Benfica and Monaco player hopes to get a new challenge at a different club, and if he wasn’t very “consistent” at City last season, he may become much more so in the upcoming days, weeks, and months, should he change clubs.

The Portuguese is under contract with the Citizens until next June, but it’s more probable that he’ll be departing England this summer. It looks like two major options are available to him, one being Barcelona, whose colours he dreams of wearing since he was a child. The second one as we’ve said is Paris Saint-Germain. 

The financial situation of Barça, however, is catastrophic, and it will be much harder for a transfer to happen there. Paris is the only club able to offer him better conditions than Manchester City at the moment, and the appeal of the French league and Mbappe rooting for him to join him on the pitch is surely a much more appealing option for Silva.

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