Spain creates history with two-ball chase against Isle of Man in T20I

Spain creates history with two-ball chase against Isle of Man in T20I

The final match of Spain’s home bilateral series against the Isle of Man at la Manga was an unforgettable moment in cricket history.

The Isle of Man’s batting lineup collapsed, managing only 10 runs before being dismissed.

Mohammad Kamran and Atif Mehmood, the seamers playing at home, managed to dismiss four players each, giving away only 4 and 6 runs respectively. Lorne Burns, the leg-spinner, also got two wickets without conceding any runs. On the first ball of Isle of Man’s impossible defence, Joseph Burrows overstepped, which gave the hosts an advantage. Awais Ahmad then smashed the next two deliveries over the midwicket fence, allowing them to finish the chase in just 0.2 overs.

Spain completed their chase in just two deliveries, breaking several records, including the lowest total in a men’s T20I, the fastest run rate in a completed chase, and the margin of victory by balls remaining.

Surprisingly, the Isle of Man team had performed well in European cricket, narrowly missing out on qualifying for the European T20 Qualifier Finals just last year.

After the match, head coach Corey Rutger was left speechless, calling the performance “crazy, just crazy.”

“Ten for ten, and that a team that had just hit us for 132 earlier in the day. Kamran and Mehmood, our two left armers, opening the bowling and they were getting good swing and they just kept hitting pads and stumps. It just went four for four, five for five, six for six, I’ve never seen anything like it in my life.

“Big thank you to the Isle of Man guys for coming out, they brought a young team and gave us some tough games I hope they’re not too demoralised after that. It’s maybe a tough curve for them, but I’m sure they’ll only learn from it.”

Spain arranged the six-match bilateral series to improve their T20I rankings, aiming to qualify for the upcoming CWC Challenge Play-off and regain a foothold on the international fifty-over ladder.

The team’s whitewash victory and individual achievements will undoubtedly put them back in contention.

This match will always be remembered as a unique moment in cricket, showcasing the sport’s unpredictability and excitement.

The young Isle of Man team may have been left feeling disheartened, but they can take comfort in knowing that they are not alone in experiencing such a defeat, with Mali also retaining an unwanted record in Women’s T20s.

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