Alen Babic will want a rematch should Tyson Fury beat him in the run for the WBC Bridgerweight title 

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If Tyson Fury wins his own WBC world title in a thrilling matchup with Lukasz Rozanski this month, Alan Babic thinks it would be a “pleasure” to continue trading blows with him.

Babic, known as “The Savage,” practised punching Fury in a sparring session in preparation for his April 22 WBC Bridgerweight match against Rozanski in Poland.

With 10 of his 11 victories coming by knockout in the heavyweight category, the unbeaten Croatian challenger has already demonstrated his savage approach. He has also moved down a weight class to fight for his own version of the world championship that is presently held by Tyson Fury.

Babic stated when asked if he and Fury will ever square off. “Sure. Who would not want to compete against Tyson Fury? Let’s go. About three months ago, Tyson Fury and I sparred. We had a great time. The rounds were quite excellent. I would accept that fight without a doubt. A man who enjoys boxing = me. His life was devoted to boxing, too and I would be more than happy to do so. I can fight cruiserweight. I can lift weights. I can compete in three different categories, so if I win, you may have a three-weight world champion.”

Since inviting the 32-year-old Croatian into his training camp for sparring, Dillian Whyte, another of Britain’s top heavyweights, has assisted Babic in developing his career. On the same bill as Whyte, who is travelling to Rzeszow for assistance, Babic displayed his all-action strategy in impressive triumphs.

“Whatever happens in my life, Dillian Whyte will always be the one who gave me the nickname “The Savage,” who introduced me to boxing, and who gave me this other identity. 

He is the person I admire the most. I only admire Dillian. I don’t regard myself as anything other than an individual. I have a lot of respect for him, so it will mean a lot to me and the rest of his squad if he is there for us.

His [Rozanski’s] environment, his hometown, and his nation can’t affect me because I don’t believe it,” he said. “I’m not even mentioning Rozanski. I’m only going there to get my belt, that’s all. I don’t give a damn about Rozanski.”

With 13 stoppages in his 14 victories, Rozanski also has an impressive record, but Babic hasn’t given him any thought. He said, “Just like my previous 11 battles, I never once looked at him. My new coach asked me to look at him, but I refused, saying that I didn’t want to.

He keeps a careful check on me since he monitors all of my social media stories, but I don’t care who he is. I don’t care whether he’s the strongest or the toughest man alive.”

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